Froach Club is set to unleash its new game Fish Fly Fever on to the App Store on May 9th. This arena-based high score chaser will have you controlling a fish fly, a microscopic creature in the depths of Planet Overling. And it's time to take out some plankton with your bubble trail. It's not farts, I think. It's a game of risk and reward, as your trail appears behind you, and popped plankton drop gems when defeated. So, you have to constantly scurry around the board, bopping and collecting gems, while also trying to collect enough in succession to activate Fever mode.

Fish Fly Fever will feature nine different characters that unlock as you play the game more, and unlock new fish flies to play with. This also should wind up releasing as a paid game, as there's no ads nor IAP to be found in the version I've played. Keep an eye out for this on May 9th.

  • bigrand1

    I'm loving the ambience and overall feel of this game! Like the art work, game play, whimsical vibe, and even the music! Kinda does look like farts that both propel your little dude and kills your enemies, as well! Anyway, I'm looking forward to grabbing this when it pops! 😄