If you've been enjoying Elder Scrolls: Legends [Free], prepare for some more fun content this weekend as Chaos Arena makes its return to the game. If you haven't played this mode before, Chaos Arena mixes up the lane conditions and scenario rules and makes for some... chaotic matches (sorry about that). There are fun scenarios that really freshen up the game, like getting three creatures into your deck at the start of the match, switching decks with your opponent, or playing with interesting cards already on the board. There are also interesting Lane Conditions: for instance, when summoning a creature in one lane, another random one of the same cost will appear, or if you have the most cards in one lane at the end of the turn, you deal damage to your opponent, and many, many other entertaining ideas.

There's even a set of promotional cards called the Madhouse Collection that you can now grab. If you participate in the Chaos Arena, which will run from today until Monday, you'll get your hands on a free pack—much like Hearthstone's Tavern Brawl, but in this case you get the free just for logging in. Fun ideas, and I'm glad to see Elder Scrolls: Legends offering more ways for players to experience the game.

  • houseofg

    The Madhouse Collection set may have been released during a prior chaos arena event but it is now available for purchase at any time (the article seemed to imply it is only during the event).

  • Matt R.

    The categories listed for this game is incorrect guys. I clicked on it because it's categorized under "iPhone" and "universal", but only when you click on this article and scroll to the bottom do you find that it's iPad only. Bummer, especially since I have zero interest in ever owning an iPad.

  • Butch Edjec Barrera

    How do you get the free pack just by logging in? I dont see t anywhere >.>