Yesterday we posted about the announcement of the fourth episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead: A New Frontier [$4.99], which is due out next week on April 25th. Well, today they let loose the launch trailer which continues to tease what's happening in the game. Fair warning, there's potential spoilers if you haven't played through the previous episodes. Check it out:

While I haven't personally played this Telltale game just yet (I've actually got a huge backlog of theirs since they started releasing so much stuff), people on the internet have been saying that the games are getting better than the Walking Dead TV show which seems like sacrilege to me but I am willing to concede that Telltale knows how to ... tell a tale.

Anyway, strap in for the release of the fourth episode across basically ever platform imaginable next week.

  • dannyswfc

    Episode 3 (although short lived like the others) was pretty epic! Just finished Guardians Ep1 so looking forward to another TellTale masterpiece!