Noodlecake Games has a surprise release for y'all. They've teamed up with Glitchnap to release Invert [$2.99] onto iOS and Android, after demoing it for us at GDC. This is a tricky puzzler where you have to solve puzzles by inverting tiles on the board in order to make them all one color. You tap on an outside part of the board, and that inverts all tiles on that line. Thus, the goal becomes to make the right moves in order to make this perfect match, and to do so in as few moves as possible.

What's fascinating is that this game actually started off as a prototype back in 2002, made by one of the developers in Visual Basic 4 on Windows 95. Fifteen years later, and here we are, with devices that can run circles around computers from those days that fit into our pockets, playing this long-gestating game idea. It's out now for $2.99 without IAPs. Man, Noodlecake just keeps finding great games to publish. Maybe I'm cheesecake-factoried out of my mind, but I think they deserve an award of some sort. Hmm.

  • Gerrit Piffen

    Yes INVERT is a good game. Tricky puzzle and so basic that you can imagine that the "start" of this puzle was back in 2002. Another super classic puzzle I found was CUBICKS, or if you want the free vesion: CUBICKS FREE. In fact this puzzle looks a bit more like the Rubik's Cube or Sudoku than INVERT. But netvertheless, INVERT is very nice game too.