A bit over a year ago, I previewed an MMA Management game called Fight Team Rivals [Free] and liked what I saw. After quite a bit of time in development, the game is finally out and ready for you to test your MMA skills. Quite a bit has changed since I checked out the game, but at its core is still all about training a team of martial artists across disciplines, trying to build a strong, well-rounded gym, and picking the best tactics for the fights. The game has you taking on all kinds of event types, including single discipline tournaments, style-vs-style showcases, and even asymmetric tag-team fights. You can also take on opposing teams in Rivals mode.

Fight Team Rivals includes 6 disciplines for your fighters to train in and over 80 events, so you won't be running out of things to do any time soon. The game is our now and is Free-to-Play.

  • Brian Pipitone

    I don't see it on the app store yet.

  • Cacheelma

    I find it to be a big bore. The pixel art is also nothing to write home abouy.

  • GalDrogo

    The multiple timers and currencies. My oh my...

  • http://www.occamygames.com p00psicle

    Super fun art. I love the oldschool pixels. Lots of gameplay to explore.