Telltale's latest licensed series has just hit the App Store. Guardians of the Galaxy [$4.99] episode 1 is now available on the App Store. Based on the comic series that turned into yet another inexplicable hit movie for Marvel (seriously, DC can't make a good movie to save their lives, and Marvel made a movie with Rocket Raccoon). If you're tired of waiting for Thanos to be a big player in the MCU, well, this is for you: the eponymous galaxy-guardians are off to face down Thanos himself. In episode 1? That must mean some big things are going down for Star-Lord and the gang...

What's ironic is that I said on our Mobcrush channel that I thought it would come out on Thursday, as The Walking Dead - A New Frontier [$4.99] had its third episode hit a couple days after the other platforms got theirs. Well, to the trickster god and/or Telltale employee who wanted me to have egg on my face...well done! You really showed me, having the game pop up at the same time as other platforms! Hah! Check out the forum thread to chat about the game with everyone else.

  • dannyswfc

    Woooop, downloading now- hope its less glitchy than Batman!

  • Paul Kohler

    YUUUUP! Awe some. Downloading now as well! Happy travels space farers!

  • Pedro Rama da Silva

    I am so not buying into another telltale crappy made title after batman. So disappointed 🙁

  • WhoaManWtF

    These are not actual games right? They are just visual stories like the old telltale games? they never changed to making full on action games?

  • Ross Noir

    Staying far away of Telltale on mobile. Batman was pitiful.

    • dannyswfc

      Agreed, Batman was pretty awful on iOS (although the storyline was solid, it was terribly glitchy and I couldn't wait to finish it).

      I've just finished GotG episode 1 (on iPhone 6s+) and am happy to report it was glitch free (apart from one or two minor lags). Hope the other episodes in the series are the same!