As most of you probably know, it's tough covering the onslaught of new mobile game releases on a daily basis. We do the best we can to be as thorough as we can when we put together our weekly new games lists, but inevitably there are games that launch after that list is posted or over the weekend which I try to group lovingly into a "leftovers" pile on Mondays and sort through to see if there's anything interesting that we missed. Today I came across an email sent to us over the weekend from Lemondo letting us know that their PS4/Steam/Wii U multiplayer platform arena shooter WinKings [Free] had made its way to iOS. I hadn't heard of this game before but the videos looked pretty awesome, as you can see in their launch trailer for the desktop and console version.

Not bad, eh? Mobile definitely needs a solid multiplayer game just like this. Unfortunately, after promptly downloading WinKings for iOS, I discovered it's missing a pretty major feature: Multiplayer! Yes, the mobile version doesn't appear to have multiplayer of any kind, and instead offers just a single-player campaign to play through where you move from level to level fighting off enemies and taking down bosses. That doesn't make WinKings bad necessarily, and in fact the game plays pretty well with its simplified dual-stick setup. The problem is that multiplayer is kind of the major selling feature of WinKings on other platforms, and I feel like it would have been totally possible to pull off on mobile, too, so I'm not sure why it was omitted.

Like I said, though, WinKings seems pretty good for what it is in my few minutes of playing it, and it's a fully paid app with no IAP which is always nice. Plus it's got more than 120 levels to play through which is quite a bit of content. It's just… I won't to blow the crap out of other people, you know? Heck, I'd even be down to play against AI bots! Hopefully one day the multiplayer functionality will make its way over to this mobile version of WinKings, but for now if you want a single-player arena shooter that's a bit like The Bug Butcher [$3.99] you can check out the game with the link below and talk about this one in the forum thread here.

  • Pedro Rama da Silva

    Well i am pretty interested in this but the concept confuses me. How does a multiplayer arena shooter play as a singleplayer 120 lvls if it has no ai bots? I mean every lvlnis a different arena with new ai bots, isn't it? Or am i missing something?