There's the old cliche within virtually all forms of media that goes along the lines of 'don't judge a book by its cover'. Whether this is exactly universally applicable to things such as video and games is still to be seen, but on first glance Bacon Escape [Free] ticks all the right boxes. Firstly, the mouth-watering reference to the peerless breakfast food in the title; secondly, being the latest title from Illusion Labs, Bacon Escape possesses all the charm and polish that one would expect from such prolific iOS developers. With a relatively simple one-touch puzzle mechanic, Bacon Escape follows in the vein of games such as Mr. Crab 2 [Free] in offering a casual, accessible but unequivocally enjoyable mobile experience, and has today launched for free on the App Store.

In Bacon Escape, you're tasked with helping either the little piggy protagonist (or a collection of other eccentric animals) break out from some nondescript prison through a nefarious rollercoaster-themed escape route. Tapping the screen changes the position of numerous tracks in your way, and also triggers deathly hammers, lasers, and other obstacles to swing into your path. While Illusion Labs have made not gone HAM (sorry) in making Bacon Escape particularly deep beyond this core mechanic, the sheer number of impediments that can be encountered should keep the gameplay varied as you get ever closer to bringing the bacon back home. The game is out now on the App Store - trot down to the game's forum thread for discussion on Bacon Escape or face severe re-pork-ussions (again, sorry!).


    Fun game, and from illusion labs I didn't expect otherwise, an easy reccommondation.

  • bigrand1

    Booooo!! Not compatible with my iPad 4! 😡

  • ValentiaLyra

    "re-pork-ussions" made me snort-laugh. 😁