After its reveal last week, the people demanded to know: when would Modern Combat Versus soft launch? The answer is right flippin' now as you can pick up Modern Combat Versus in the Philippines App Store. Note that the game is region-locked for now but it should be expanding soon. Gameloft said the game would soft launch this week, so you might be able to take their word on this one, and hopefully should be able to play without too many shenanigans soon.

While you're waiting for Modern Combat: Versus, check out our big article revealing a bunch of details about this multiplayer-focused shooter, the next in the long-running Modern Combat series. And, the developer Q&A might have some interesting details for you. While you will either need to live in the Philippines or have a VPN to play the game right now, we'll be sure to let you know when we find out the region lock is gone. Might not be a bad idea to get it downloaded and ready now, using our soft launch guide. And if you are playing, check out the forum thread for the game.

Philippines App Store Link: Modern Combat Versus

  • Bloodangel

    Please could I use someone's Philippines account to grab this? πŸ™‚

    • Fear

      It's region locked, you can have the game but can only play it if you're in the Philippines πŸ™

      • Fear

        So need a VPN pretty much

  • JudasKain

    Seems everyone's soft opening in the Phil nowadays. Anyone know why?

    • TwoLiterSoda

      Less people, less strain, but enough for a soft launch/test.

      • Press2Play

        LoL at less people.

      • luter

        you don know though phil population is like 13 highest in the world

    • Anonomation

      Because Filipinos are the strongest race in the world.

      • IAP-king


  • TwoLiterSoda

    Downloaded and played for about an hour. So far it's pretty damn good and looks fantastic. If u have a jailbroken iPhone then u can easily play this now ignoring region lock. If anyone needs help lemme know if be happy to assist, I also have a JP, NZ, and PH iOS accounts that me and a few others share, only caveat is u can only download free apps since it would be unsafe to add money with so many people sharing account.

    • town3r

      Any chance I could use your PH account quick?

      • Jmartinez41

        Pm me

      • Bloodangel

        Could I use your account please? Thanks.
        I can't send PMs though πŸ™

    • Wubba

      Would love to borrow the account just for a minute to DL this game. Thank you. πŸ™‚

      • boydstr

        As "fear"wrote this game is REGION LOCKED you can't play this outside the Phillipines and sharing your account is not such a smart and safe thing to do.

    • Visual HomieSanchez

      Can i please borrow your phillipine account?

    • pjayhick

      Any chance I can use your account to grab this ?

    • Bloodangel

      Could you pm me the account please, so I can grab this. I won't share it out.
      I can't PM you as for some reason it won't let me send PMs πŸ™

    • KT Park

      Can you please show me how to bypass the region locked plzzz

  • Pro Gamer

    Im from philippines still not available on playstore

    • Albee Wang

      It's not out for android

  • jl802

    Got downloaded, can't play on IPad with wifi. Anyone having luck?

    • cchy_dee

      Use Cloudwall vpn, then select Phillipine. That should fix the problem you're going through

  • Emam Hasan

    when released Android version???

  • felipe sousa

    What are the requirements to play the game?

  • Dak Grant

    What if u have a fu#cking Android

    • Torian

      I mean this website is super iOS based so wrong place to whine

  • Jhotay alo

    No android πŸ™

  • Pierre Lichtwesen

    Everyone who wanna dl Modern combat versus pm me

    • Bloodangel

      Could you pm me please as I can't send PMs πŸ™

    • Steve Richardson

      How do I go about PM ing you on TouchArcade this thread? I want to try this game out! Thanks!

      • Bloodangel

        Yeah I'm also trying to contact him but having no success πŸ™

  • Amir Abdullah

    All you have to is search YouDoneSon on youtube, then install cloudwall VPN from the app store. It'll play. No jailbreak needed.

  • Amir Abdullah

    It'll have a apple ID you can use

    • Bloodangel

      I looked for youdoneson on YouTube, there's no ID I can use πŸ™

  • Bloodangel

    This is doing my head in!! I watched a vid on how to create one, but it's different on my device.
    Then I had a tutorial just and lost it and can't find it again!!

  • Bloodangel

    It asks to enter a county, but the address creator i found, don't give it you grr

  • Bloodangel

    Done an address but says inbred to verify my new ID through the email address, which is one I made up!
    Arghhh so now I gotta create a new email address so I can activate it

  • Bloodangel

    Now says wrong phone number format, but it's correct from the generator

  • Nivag Sopmac

    If you log out of your iTunes account and search for the game, then press download and it will ask you to sign in, but instead press create new account and select your region (Philippines) and press "none" for payment methods and once you are done creating the account it will download