Why, hello there, friends. I was just waiting here in this comfy chair posing for no reason at all when you decided to join me by clicking that link. Since you're here, allow me to ask you a few questions. Do you like adventure? If so, do you define 'adventure' as playing a really sweet first person role-playing game? And provided you're still with me, do you prefer that brand of adventure to be in HIGH DEFINITION? If you are nodding your head vigorously right now, I have a couple of things to tell you. First, don't nod at words on a screen. I can't see you right now. But the people around you can, and they probably think you're a little off. Sorry if that was a little harsh, but the second thing I have to say might make it up to you. Both The Quest HD [$3.99] and its expansion Islands of Ice and Fire HD [$1.99]are on sale right now for their lowest prices ever.

The Quest HD is a fancy HD remake of the classic Pocket PC-turned-iOS RPG. It includes dozens of hours of gameplay in a huge open world somewhat reminiscent of early Elder Scrolls games. Islands of Ice and Fire HD gives the first expansion to the game the same high-resolution treatment. It can be played as an extension of the original game or as a stand-alone adventure. They're essential titles for any mobile RPG fan, something I've certainly spent some words trying to drive home about this series before.

Of course, since the original versions of both games are still readily available and part of the library of many a mobile RPG fan, I could imagine some might not have wanted to bite on prettier versions at their full prices. Well, here's your chance, my frugal friend! Both of these fine apps are on sale until April 13th. The Quest HD, normally selling for $7.99, is temporarily available for just $4.99. Islands of Ice and Fire HD is down to $2.99 from its regular price of $3.99. Now that's a combo that makes good... cents? Ha ha, you're so angry right now. The people around you are looking at you again.

This sale comes hot on the heels of news that The Quest HD will be receiving an additional expansion through Zarista Games, who were responsible for most of the expansions for the non-HD version. Titled Thor's Hammer, it's well into development and should be along a little later this year. Zarista also has tentative plans to bring the Lukomorye expansions to the HD version. All that, plus RedShift is still hard at work on The Quest 2! Phew, you'd best get caught up, friends. Caught up... in the savings.

  • houseofg

    That was awesome. I pictured it with a pipe in hand. Thank goodness I'm on the toilet where no one can see me nod.

  • korossyl

    Exciting news; I've been following Redshift since their Palm OS days. But -- am I the only one who thinks that the original graphics look nicer than the HD?

  • harryhowser

    Finally, the HD expansions are on their way! Can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this.
    For me The Quest HD and IoF&I are the best RPGs on IOS. I couldn't bring myself to 'downgrade' to the non-HD versions.
    Exciting times indeed......

  • borb86

    Haha fun post despite already owning both. Have fun anyone that decides to take advantage!

  • OrangutanKungfu

    Shaun Musgrave sits in his comfortable chair by the fire, channelling John Hurt, while an anthropomorphic dog lies at his feet with the finest Jim Henson puppeteers controlling its eyebrows. I'd noticed The Quest HD had gone on sale, as it's on my wishlist, but the glory of this post has nearly tipped me over the edge.