I'm not too sure what it is about Thumb Drift [Free], but it tends to be one of the surefire titles I will gravitate to when I have minutes to kill on the tube, or while I'm waiting for a bus. Its accessibility combined with its subtle challenge and the compulsive need to keep on improving on high scores means it's the perfect title for short bursts, and despite numerous attempts nothing new has satiated that arcade drifting itch since the game first launched early last year. However Pixel Drifters [Free] - which has today launched for free on the App Store - is looking like a strong contender for Thumb Drift's lofty throne. An interesting pseudo-open world approach combined with beautiful pixel graphics and a hilarious sense of humor means Appsolute Games could be onto a winner here, which has only been supported by some excellent initial feedback on our forum thread.

While many of the mechanics of Pixel Drifters will be immediately apparent and familiar for fans of the freemium drifting genre, with coins to collect and cars to unlock using them, Appsolute Games have introduced a few subtle twists that distinguish it from similar titles. Each of the thirty cars within the game have different attributes, with steering, drifting and speed capabilities being variable based on the specific vehicle chosen. This means that rather than mere skin alterations that are far too frequent in any free-to-play title, there is more of an incentive to unlock that next car and see if it matches to your specific playstyle. Furthermore, multiple missions to complete, as well as a whole host of obstacles to hinder your progress means Pixel Drifters will keep you on your toes through the different drifting arenas. With an update with ten extra cars, additional contraptions and a brand new water level already in the pipeline, Pixel Drifters has got off to a strong start in the metaphorical race that is the App Store. Download the game for free now, and head by our forum thread for more opinions and discussion on Pixel Drifters.