Despite being inundated with mountains of work over the past few weeks, I've somehow managed to fit in time for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, and like basically everyone else on the internet I'm in love with the game in almost every aspect. That being said, one factor from previous Zelda titles is missing, and even being able to climb and fly off everything does not make up for its absence. You guessed it - with no hookshot in the game, I'm unable to make Link defy the laws of physics and rocket in random directions. Thankfully, Legend of the Skyfish [$3.99] takes the polar opposite approach and entirely consists of hookshot (okay, fishing rod) action, and when the game launched back in August of last year, Carter bestowed the game with an extremely positive review because of its interesting puzzles, excellent art style, and the aforementioned brilliant core mechanic. If you flew past Legend of the Skyfish at its initial release, the game is on sale for only $0.99, which is certainly a price to grapple onto for some entertaining puzzle action.

Even though I have drawn numerous parallels to Zelda over the course of this article, Legend of the Skyfish stands as its own unique game because of the variation and ingenuity of many of the challenges that can be encountered within the title. Using the environment to lure enemies into traps is immensely satisfying, and surprisingly the controls translate extremely well onto the touch screen, with the virtual controls giving you the ability to intricately cast your rod wherever your heart desires (MFi controller support is also welcome, for anyone with the requisite equipment). A graphical design that is an amalgamation of the weirdness of some of the more eccentric handheld Zelda titles with the fantasy of fairytale stories is the cherry on the cake of one of my favorite games of 2016, and for only $0.99 I cannot recommend Legend of the Skyfish enough. Be sure to take advantage of this weekend sale before the promotion ends next week, and head down to our forum thread for more discussion on Legend of the Skyfish.

  • Tim

    Reviews on iTunes aren't great...

    • OrangutanKungfu

      The critical response was generally better than user reviews. Depends on whom you trust, I guess. And it's now a buck.

      • rtificial

        Showing as 3.99 on my end.

      • imdakine1

        I got it for .99 this morning. I ended up getting the Switch after seeing Breath of the Wild.... shocked myself as I've become mainly a iPhone/iPad gamer as I've aged and don't have the same time to play games... but.... geez! BOTW is likely the best game I've ever played! And I've been a gamer since pong pre Atari days.

      • spizak

        Dude, literally the same here. Love iphone mfi gaming, game on pc and ps4 and just got Switch for Zelda. Should arrive on Monday. This year will be 30 years as i play videogames.

      • imdakine1

        We are likely around the same gaming history! Biggest problem with Switch is getting back to insole gaming for me... last console owned was PS3 I never got the PS4. iPhone/iPad gaming is fun and cheap but I do miss real buttons!

        Switch or console gaming is expensive. I got BOTW for $47.99 20% off but I could buy so many games on iOS for $50.

        BOTW is so worth it. Wow... so crazy good!