The Football Manager franchise has claimed too many happy lives in the past because not many can resist its siren-like wiles and actually stop playing long enough to sustain human relationships. Football Manager Mobile 2017 [$8.99], the latest iteration of the iPhone version of the game, might not have the depth of its older brother, Football Manager Touch 2017, but it's still a fun version of the best sports management game on the App Store. The game is currently at its lowest price ever, so if you've been waiting for it to get cheaper, you should pull the trigger as soon as possible,

If you haven't played any versions of the game yet, in Football Manager Mobile 2017 you pick one of the many available teams from 15 countries across the world and then proceed to either lead it to glory or shame. You can buy and sell players, pick tactics and formations, and lead your team to victory during match day. Some members of our forums have been complaining that this year's iteration doesn't differ much from last year's, and while they might be right, this is still a fun game to play on the go. So, if you've been looking for a fun sports management game to sink a few hours in, Football Manager Mobile 2017 is it.

  • bigrand1

    Ah, THAT kind of football! Okay! Living where I do, it's always been hard for me to get used to hearing the word football when folks are referring to soccer! Over here it's all NFL, but of course I know in the rest of the world, soccer is king! 😉

    • yogg sarons cousin

      We call it (NFL) American football

  • Paskalaatikko

    I'm still playing FMM2016 occasionally, but newer version tempts me. As an "advanced" manager and FM gamer, is there reasons to buy this or is it just a player update to previous one? Is there enough new features to justify buying yet again newer version of game. Last one was a bit disappointment due lack of new content and features.