Last month we checked out the early preview trailer for Stickman Skate Park, the upcoming skateboarding game from the experts at making stickman-based sports games Djinn Works. Since that time the game has made a lot of progress, including a name change. Now known as Stickman Skate Battle, the title looks like it will mostly be focused on head-to-head real-time competition with opponents online. There will be 1v1 High Score Battles where the object is to outscore your opponent in one minute, as well as 1v1 Domination Battles where you'll perform tricks on specific objects to "claim" them with your opponent trying to claim them for themselves by performing a higher point trick on them and whoever owns the most objects at the end of the round is the winner. A new trailer shows Stickman Skate Battle in action.

If online play isn't your thing, there will also be a Free Ride mode where you can just cruise around the game's 8 hand-crafted parks, but clearly the emphasis in Stickman Skate Battle will be in the online play. There will be weekly tournaments for all the event types as well as leaderboards and friend challenges. Also, a multitude of different characters and skateboards will be available to unlock and upgrade. The one detail that makes me hesitate is that Stickman Skate Battle will only include 15 different trick types. Hopefully that will cover all the main basics for people who just want to tool around and free skate, but based on the trailer it looks like many of the tricks will be grabs and aerial-based stuff so I'm hoping there's still enough for us street skaters out there. I'm anxious to see how it turns out though, and you can look for Stickman Skate Battle to launch in early May and can find out more about the game in our forums.

  • TVcasualty

    Hmmm... looking a little too vert-centric for my tastes. Will probably still check it out, but i have a strange feeling that most players will post up in that double bowl and grab their way to victory

    • Robert Szeleney

      We considered this. One thing which works really well are special (up to 10x) multipliers which are placed at strategic ramps mostly far away from halfpipes or pools. This way you have to find the best tactic to gain points in halfpipes but don't miss all the multipliers. (you will beat every opponent just skating in a halfpipe when you use multipliers)

      • TVcasualty

        Wow, thanks for the quick reply! And like I said, i'll still be checking it out, I'm a bit of a fanatic when it comes to skateboarding games, haha!