Back in November Square Enix announced another mobile spinoff in their ultra-popular Bravely Default series following 2015's Japan-only release of Bravely Default: D's Report. This new entry was entitled Bravely Default Fairy's Effect and was slated for release in Japan sometime in 2017, which it turns out was actually just this past week. While I'm sure there's a contingent of folks out there who are hoping for an original premium RPG in the Bravely Default universe, that was going to be a long shot no matter what with the way Square Enix cranks out free to play social RPGs, and that is no different with the arrival of Fairy's Effect. The good news though is that if you're a fan of streamlined battling and gacha-style character collection, Bravely Default Fairy's Effect seems to be a very well-made entry in the social RPG genre. Here's a couple of Japanese-language trailers which probably aren't terribly exciting if you can't understand what's being said but at least give you an idea of what the game itself is like.

Not being a fan of Bravely Default myself I can only go by what I've been hearing in the forums and in our Discord chat that Fairy's Effect is pretty good fan service for those who have enjoyed the full-fledged games on 3DS and who know what they're in for with the whole social RPG thing. The bummer news is that there's been no indication that Bravely Default Fairy's Effect will be localized outside of Japan, and given that Bravely Default: D's Report never made it out West, I'm kind of doubting this one will either. That said, anything can happen and we'll keep our ear to the ground for news of the game heading stateside, and I'm guessing Shaun will pick this one up at some point and be able to give you all a much more expert opinion on the matter than I can. If you're feeling adventurous though, it sounds like the game is easy enough to navigate without understanding the Japanese, so if you want to give the free download a shot you can do so via the link below.

Japanese App Store Link: BRAVELY DEFAULT FAIRY'S EFFECT, Free (Universal)

  • yogg sarons cousin

    Am I the only one who's beginning to develop a distaste for jrpgs? And the anime style in general

    • Stephy Southwell

      Yes and no.

    • Kiltedsheep

      I'm sure there's way more to the anime style than huge, glistening eyes, non-existent noses, absurdly elaborate hairstyles and (often) scantily-clad young women with unrealistically proportioned anatomy. Right? Yes?

    • CodeREd

      Jrpgs are awesome lately.

      • boydstr

        A lot of different people with a lot of different tastes.

      • CodeREd

        So originally JRPGs were the best rpgs IMO in the Super NES era and beyond. Games like Chrono Trigger, FF 6, Secret of Mana etc. Then western RPGs started showing up and became my favorite. I'm talking about Mass Effect, Dragon age, Skyrim, Fallout etc (my current obsession is Mass Effect Andromeda). Right now, Final Fantasy XV and Bravely Default are good examples of JRPGs gaining ground again. And if you count Zelda: Breath of the Wild

      • boydstr

        It s a little bit unclear what counts as a real RPG I think that Skyrim,Dragon Age,Mass Effect,Fallout falls under the action adventures with some RPG elements but whatever you call them they are some of the best games from the previous console generation.

    • Exuare

      Mobile freemium semi-JRPG's? Yes! REAL JRPG's on a PS4? Hellll no 🙂

      • CodeREd

        The one reason I will be getting a PS4 alongside my Xbox One (that and the Yakuza series)

    • rofmo

      Stamina jrpgs suck. Open world love

  • boydstr

    I don't like turn based games like this one but I like action RPG where you have complete control over your character the last ARPG that I bought and really liked is TitanQuest.