If you're fan of board game digital conversions or of the Great War (also known as WW I), you should check out HexWar Games' Command & Colours: The Great War [$9.99 (HD)], which just released on the App Store. This port takes the pretty popular Command & Colours system and brings to your tablet a pretty entertaining take on the massacre that was the Great War. The battle system allows for the game to scale nicely, so you might be playing a small squad encounter or a huge battle; personally, I'm usually more interested in the more "intimate" encounters in strategy games. And the use of the Combat cards makes the battles unpredictable and, therefore, more entertaining.

The game has 15 scenarios focusing on the western front and 50 combat and command cards that simulate all the choices a commander would have to do on the battlefield. And you can play as German, British, or Canadian, so plenty of choices there as well. The PC version of the game has received pretty good reviews, and it looks like the mobile port has fixed many of the bugs of the PC one. The game costs $7.99 and has no IAPs.

  • Dragan

    I really would like this one but I have become very hesitant to buy from this war game factory. Reviews will have to convince me.