The original Shadowgun [$4.99] game, which released back in 2011, was a pretty lovely-looking FPS with a ton of technical issues and some peculiar design decisions that, according to our review, made for a rather repetitive game. The upcoming Shadowgun Legends seems much-improved, judging from the gameplay video below, and its visuals remain top-notch. We've already talked about the game back in August, focusing on how those who've played it describe it as Destiny for mobile because of its persistent world and emphasis on loot. If they do manage to pull that off, it will definitely be fantastic.

Shadowgun Legends will have you playing either with other players or by yourself as you make it through hundreds of missions and quests. As is usually the case in games like this one, you'll get to play around with a ton of weapons, which you can customize to your liking. And, of course, the game hopes to deliver great visuals through the use of custom HDR bloom, large scale particle systems, and more. The game will be coming soon to iOS and Android, and you can go here to pre-register. And, of course, check out our Upcoming Games forum thread for more trailers and info on Shadowgun Legends.




  • Valerio93x

    Is in softlaunch? Anybody know how to test this game before the official launch?

    • Mrbestapps

      It's not in soft launch, no. As soon as it goes in soft launch you'll know 🙂

  • icoker

    correction: Neither the original nor the sequel were FPS - they were third person shooters.

    • lezrock


  • Michal Hochmajer


  • lezrock

    Game, lightning and engine looks impressive, which is almost always the case with these devs. Got a nice crysis/halo vibe. Hope it will play smooth with a mfi controller. And hope it's premium (won't hold my breath though).

  • Psac42

    I thought it said Shadowrun Legends. That I would but.

    • Psac42


  • boydstr

    I hope it's premium I don't like the FTP shenanigans the game l👀ks real nice I miss a full story driven shooter on iOS without those really short levels that are over before you know it.

    • taiga97

      It's going to be free, there aren't going to be any timers and there going to try and keep it from being p2w

      • boydstr

        Thanks for info😉

      • taiga97

        No problem.👍

  • Lamar Taylor

    Finally...a console quality space shooter. We haven't had one since Nova 2. I have no problem paying for games like this that deliver a full game experience without timers or limits. I hope we see more games like this and less kiddie games and endless runner games. Now with wireless controllers and Bluetooth headphones...the gaming experience on tablets is great and just needs more adult games.

    It would be nice to see the return of the Modern Combat series from Gameloft or Nova 3.

    • taiga97

      Modern combat vs should come out this year

    • boydstr

      I hope that to but I don't see the Apple changes the way they sell games as a costumer you don't know when buying a game it will keep working after an iOS update look at the BIOSHOCK debacle.

  • Tychaeus

    This isn't going to really be a "Nova" or Halo or even like the original shadowgun.
    This, is going to be Destiny for your mobile device, which is great. I just hope it's the great base/core game and mechanics of Destiny and not the stale repetitive gameplay and non cohesive story and all the other bad that was in Destiny. I mean they are boasting full loot systems, multiplayer dungeons and iirc even raids and such that require a certain number of players acting in coordination to complete. Ya know....what MMORPG USED to mmoFPSrpg...or I guess in this case third person.

  • boydstr

    This has nothing to do with the topic but I saw that Ganster:New Oreleans is available in the Dutch AppStore did I miss some info about the release on TA or are the people not that interested in this release?