Back in October we caught the teaser for an upcoming fighting game called Smash Supreme, and thought it looked pretty cool. While there wasn't much info to go by, the art style in the teaser and the game's aim at providing competitive online play sounded quite interesting. Since then, developer Gumbug has been plugging away at Smash Supreme and held a closed beta at the beginning of the year, and today they've posted an update in our forums talking about some new features and showing off this very slick animated gif.

That looks to be QUITE the special move, and seems reminiscent of the elaborate special moves you can pull off in other mobile fighters like Injustice [Free] and Marvel CoC [Free]. It remains to be seen how Smash Supreme will be controlled, but based on the screenshots found on the official website and the lack of virtual buttons I'm guessing it'll be a similar gesture-based system to those other mobile fighters. Either way it's looking pretty cool so far, and you can read the latest dev blog update to find out even more about Smash Supreme and see the newest character introduced to the roster. No release date has been announced just yet but we'll be keeping an eye on this one.

  • boydstr

    You see that a lot fighters uses touch/swipe motions but especially touchscreen is perfect to use the old school SF full circle/quarter circle movements etc it feels more rewarding to use these inputs in fighting games.

  • kickypants

    So tired of potentially good fighting games coming out f2p and taking control out of the players hand. Collecting cards blah. Limited control. What ever happened to just making a full fledged 1 on one fighting game. Soul caliber is old but plays perfect on mobile. Better then any of these fighting games. I like to fight. Not play cards. I had to get a ps. It's to have any good real fighting games on a handheld. And they destroy these injustice rip offs every day of the week.