You can figure out most about the upcoming Duel Beats from its title; it's a competitive beat rhythm battle game where you take down your friends by staying on beat and using your taps and swipes to cause damage. Instead of simply playing for points, in Duel Beats you use your ability to tap at the right time to break down the opponent's defenses, and as you earn coins, you use them to summon different heroes with special abilities that can help you dominate even more.

The game offers both single player as well as local and online real-time multiplayer fights, and I think the online part of it should be quite fun to play. You can unlock up to 18 original music tracks ranging from hip-hop to rock to EDM. The game has soft-launched in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, and the rest of the world should get Duel Beats in the summer. If you don't have an account in any of those places, use our guide to make one.

Duel Beats Australia iTunes link

  • WakenBake

    Enjoying it so far.

  • Ahmed Titef

    Reminds me of TapTapRevenge days.