As Eli said last year, you'd have to be pretty hardcore to remember Munch Time [$0.99 / Free / $1.99] from back in the day in 2012. But Munch Time 2 has seemed particularly appealing as it takes osme of the machanics like swinging and color-changing and putting them into a Metroidvania-style open world. The game's progress has been getting periodic updates on our forums, and some new footage. In fact, a Greenlight campaign for Steam has started up, and a new trailer has launched for it:

You can also check some footage of the Ruins level:

And one of the Jungle level:

The game is still being tweaked, but the developers consider it 100% playable, and a mobile beta could happen soon. I'd still be patient, since the game's been in development for a few years now, but it'd be real cool if this hit sometime this year...

  • YankeeBlue000

    Nice!! That's one fast moving chameleon. 😃

  • noteatino

    Hell yeah! Looking good

  • lezrock

    Wow! That looks sweet. What's the control scheme?

    • Gamistry

      Hey developer here! As of now we have seperated the screen in two parts. The left side of the screen where you control the movement and the right side of the screen to control the rest. Tapping the rightscreen while standing (or running) makes you jump. If you tap in midair and there's a flower nearby you latch-on. While hanging you can then use the leftside (move-side) to aim for other flowers surrounding you. Dashing and slamming is done with screen-swipes. We use no buttons, so the player never has to worry about fingerplacement.

      • Moses

        I really hope you thought to implement MFI Controller.

      • Gamistry

        It's not something that's currently planned, as we are taking the screencontrols very seriously. However the game is fully optimised for controllers, so it's not something we wish to dismiss as a possibility eighter.

  • Adam

    Getting a strong Ori & the Blind Forest vibe; in a good way 🙂

  • MarsMachine

    This looks awesome! I love chameleons.

    • MarsMachine

      Add the Boy George soundtrack, like Erasure's Always for Robot Unicorn Attack!!