If you ever played Trine, the platformer where you control three heroes each with distinct skills, then The Sidekicks' gameplay will look familiar. This upcoming platformer game has you playing three distinct characters—Bellie G, Zeronita, and Noobert—as you try to make it through 30 hand-crafted levels. The three characters have some fun powers, with Bellie G using the almighty belly bounce, Zeronita the shattering shriek, and Noobert becoming temporarily invisible (aka going super skinny). Each of the characters can be upgraded, too. The three characters will also have to take on epic bosses, which I'm sure will require quite a few almighty belly bounces to be defeated. And the game's art is quite lovely.

The game is currently looking for beta testers in our forums, so if The Sidekicks sounds like your kind of game, go here to apply for it. The beta will be starting immediately and will include 14 levels and one boss from the full game.

  • gaberaph

    Tried signing up to the beta 3 times but you're auto verification procedure kept glitching out and not allowing me to complete it. I'm pretty sure I'm not a robot last I checked 🙂

    • TLaz99

      Well, have you watched Westworld?

    • The Sidekicks


      Sorry to hear that you have had problems with the beta sign up process. The verification is Google's reCAPTCHA. Interesting to here that it maybe problematic... Though we have received tens of beta sign ups, so luckily the form mostly works.

      Could you send us an email to info@sidekicksgame.com. Tell us your email and is your device Android or iOS. I'll add you to the beta testing group. Thanks!

      - Tommi (The Sidekicks Team)

      • kristoffer

        I will be doing the same. I went through at least 20 verification pages.

      • The Sidekicks


        Could you send us your email and device (iOS or Android) by email: info@sidekicksgame.com

        Thank you for your patience!

        - Tommi