You guys are all familiar with the unofficial stoner holiday on April 20th, right? Because April 20th is 4/20 and 420 is the international number for weed, man. There is all sorts of lore behind why that is, and while the whole date thing breaks down for countries who use the day/month rather than the month/day format it's still pretty widely known that April 20th is a day to celebrate cannabis. And so, what better day to launch a game featuring the Trailer Park Boys? The answer is there is no better day.

We first learned of a Trailer Park Boys mobile game back in October of 2015, and then after hearing almost nothing since then, we sort of assumed the project was dead. Then, during GDC earlier this month, we sat down with Eastside Games to talk about their upcoming Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch and they very casually mentioned that the TPB game was not only still alive and well but was basically complete and coming out very soon. The news sent Eli into a fit of excitement I've never witnessed from another human being before. As for the game itself, it's officially known as Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money and is an idle game that has you building up and managing your very own trailer park. The creators of the show are heavily involved in the mobile game so you can be sure the fan service will be flowing thick and heavy. Here's a quick glimpse at Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money in action.

While I adore the Trailer Park Boys show, I'm nowhere near the superfan that Eli is, so I expect he'll have plenty to say about TPB: Greasy Money once he gets his own greasy hands on it. The game is story-driven and broken up into "seasons," and naturally each season will end with you getting into a middle finger fight with Lahey before being tossed into jail to recharge your batteries and come back to rebuild your trailer park bigger and better than before. And because jail is awesome. There's a lot to be excited about in TPB: Greasy Money for the Trailer Park Boys faithful, so look for this one to officially drop next month on April 20th.

  • KeKhan

    This is Soft Launched in Finland by the way..

    • East Side Games

      Sounds like you are playing it? Love to hear any feedback you have from the Contact Us link in settings or any of our social channels!

      • Corey Carroll

        I have been playing non stop I just hate I have to spend so much money for cards and hash coins And liquor

  • TouchMint

    One of my fav shows. Looks a lot like tap to riches layout but still will prob give it a download for love of the show. Hopefully I can buy the hash driveway.

    • East Side Games

      We're looking forward to getting it in your hands! No hash driveway yet, but piss jugs, kitties, and stoned cougars are in there for sure!

  • JohnnyB82

    This looks terrible. Great ip turned into a lame clicker. Who cares about a half assed story when it's a clicker game,

    • KeKhan

      This clicker actually has a lot more substance than normal. Tons of fan service as well.
      The clicker is a new genre that isn't for everyone , but it's a valid genre that many seem to enjoy. (Myself included)

      • JohnnyB82

        Yeah thanks for the advertisement. But no. The clicker genre is a mindless crapshoot that is designed for people who want to waste money to get further ahead a little faster. They are designed to separate people from their hard earned money. It's a shit "genre" with little to no substance.

      • Dankrio

        In YOUR opinion. Alwaya keep that in mine.

      • JohnnyB82

        Only a portion of what I wrote is an opinion. That is where i called it shit. Everything else was a description. It's a fact the game has no depth and is purely designed to take your money with little to no effort.

      • KeKhan

        Yes you're right, only the things that YOU like are worth anything. You are the center of the universe and the only person who matters. πŸ™„

      • JohnnyB82

        Keep on advertising buddy.

      • skylined87

        He's not advertising. What you are saying is YOUR opinion on the clicker genre. I am not a huge fan of clickers myself for a few of the reasons you mentioned, but there are a few that were very well made and never required any iap. They can be very addicting, and I definitely can see your point, but they can also be pretty fun. You can't just put out your opinions, and then when someone else disagrees you label them as "advertising." That's not cool...

      • Laven Pillay

        That's not what JohnnyB82 said.
        Take a look at the original statements :
        >> The clicker genre is a mindless crapshoot
        Does it require much thinking on the players part ? Nope. Then "mindless" can be accurate.

        >> designed for people who want to waste money to get further ahead a little faster
        I've worked in app and games development and this is sometimes EXACTLY behind the design of the "game" more than any aspect of the gameplay. Theme perhaps, but gameplay, not so much.

        >> They are designed to separate people from their hard earned money.
        Again, from experience, this is often true.

        Now, as YOU said, its fine to have a different opinion about the Enjoyment of the game alongside all that. However it IS true that those are often facts, not opinions. The only way to know is to check but its like Science - once you do check, then it moves from "assumption" into fact, which is different from Opinion vs Fact.

        Just saying πŸ™‚

    • East Side Games

      I like to think we used our whole ass in writing the story!

  • FreezeFrozen

    the show is ultra super awesome since the S1E1, but this game trailer does not makes me hungry ... seems to be just another game for Cory πŸ™‚
    (I wish I am wrong about this first impression)

    • East Side Games

      We're huge fans of the show as well, so we crammed it full of stuff that a fan would love! Let us know your feedback when it is live or hit us up with any questions on our social channels!

      • FreezeFrozen

        installing right now ... happy 420 πŸ™‚

  • East Side Games

    Hey all! We're the developers on TPB: Greasy Money! Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about the game!

  • Priscilla Warren

    I get all worked up when you pop up