We barely dipped our toes into first impressions territory of the Switch on the previous episode, but this episode, we're all about it. We fill up the first 20 minutes or so of the show talking about the console, Zelda, and the way it's integrating into our lives without really replacing our mobile devices at all. From there, we shift gears to talking about some new games released this week, including Mushroom 11 [$4.99], Kingdom: New Lands [$9.99], Yo! Let's UP [Free], Hardway [Free], Free Rider HD [Free], and 1942 Mobile [$1.99]. We finish stuff off with some quick news, and call it a podcast!

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  • chrisbrady

    I'm going to take exception for Breath of The Wild to be worth a 10/10. There are some unforgivable flaws that I saw within the first hour of the game.

    The frame hiccups, seriously, they've had how long to develop the game and the hardware, and they still can't get it butter smooth 30FPS? That alone removes it from the 9.5 category.

    Then there's the weapon degradation system. First this isn't unique, other games have used it to several degrees and even then, they suck pretty badly. Now, I'll grant that some weapons SHOULD break, Like tree branches or the rusty Traveler's Swords you can find, but every weapon? That's highly unrealistic,a good sword in the real world can withstand several years of combat use. And bows. When a bow breaks, it's not the string that goes first, but the arms, and once that happens, you sometimes get chunks of wood to the face. Again, another weapon if you take care of it, can last years.

    And then there's the voice acting, which kills my fun whenever it happens, which admittedly is rare. So far

    So for me, that lowers the score from 8.5, to 8. Still, that's just about an hour or two of play, so it MIGHT get better, but not from what I'm hearing from other reviews.

    HOWEVER! And this is a big however: It IS the System Seller that people talk about. It is THE reason (even with all the other games coming out soon-ish) to get the Switch. In fact, this alone can hold you over for MONTHS, if not longer.

    The amount of stuff to do, the lack of hand-holding without being too obscure, but the ability to mark important things on the map, The amount of stuff to do and the freedom to do it makes it even better than most other Open World games. In fact, as an Open World game, I recommend it higher than anything Bethesda has done, and will likely EVER DO.

    If you only get the Switch for ONE GAME and one game only? Zelda Breath of The Wild is it.

    But I still say it's no higher than an 8 outta 10. WHICH IS STILL A DAMN GOOD SCORE FOR A DAMN GOOD GAME. There's just flaws that are too big too ignore.

    Oh, and you want a game I consider a 10/10? Hollow Knight, an adorable, challenging and expansive Metroidvania that's recently released on Steam. Oh, and Owlboy (Although I've not played more than the old demo that they had) looks to be the same, given the amount of polish it has.

    • Yavga

      Why do you care so much for a score? It's all opinions anyway, ergo many people seem to think it's a great game. Leave them be and don't take offense.

      • chrisbrady

        Because scoring systems are everywhere. Triple A meat, 5 star restaurants or hotels, name any sport, scoring systems are very important for a lot of people, including you. Because the first thing you did was focus on it.

        Thing is, the real problem is not the numbers, it's the sentiment behind them. See, because it's been so long since a decent Zelda game that a lot of reviewers are allowing certain things that they would not forgive in any other game.

        And that's the real problem. Reviewers are letting Nostalgia get in the way of giving an honest score. That was my real point.

        Which you didn't seem to notice.

      • boydstr

        Reviewing a game is always a personal view from someone so it's normal that some people disagree.

      • chrisbrady

        But that's part of the issue. Very few are disagreeing, and those that do, get shouted down as trying to be 'edgy' or some BS.

      • boydstr

        Yeah,that's is often the case.

      • bilboad

        I know several avid gamers who have played Breath of the Wild, and think it's the best game they've every played. They've all mentioned the occasional framerate stutter, and yet still think it's the best thing since sliced bread. It just goes to show that rating how good a game is is pretty subjective. One person's "unforgivable flaw" is another person's "so minor it doesn't matter" glitch.

      • chrisbrady

        All this tells me is that they bought into the hype. But because I'm a fan of Zelda, I won't, I will give an honest critique to anyone who asks.

      • bilboad

        You don't even know the people I mentioned, so I don't know why you're so certain they're basing their opinions on hype, rather than the tens of hours of personal experience they have with playing the game. The fact that you're willing to jump to that particular conclusion rather than accepting the possibility that other people might really like the game as much as they say they do, I think betrays your own bias.

      • boydstr

        It wasn't my intention to insult you in any way I think I didn't get my message across so sorry 😉

    • wingnut22

      Chrisbrady, it's all personal opinion. I get what you are saying but to me the fun factor, the endless exploration, and one of the most immersive worlds I've seen all overcome a few issues. I don't think there is a perfect game nor will there be but this is pretty damned close. You mentioned owlboy and hollow knight as being games you would give a 10 to. I've played not, they are fun but no where near as fun as this. I personally would be hard pressed to give either higher than a 9. Again though, it's all personal opinion. You were clearly bothered by the high score on this game...just enjoy it for what it is and understand some may agree with you and some may not...