After being teased for what feels like forever, Kingdom: New Lands [$9.99] has finally hit the App Store. I think the last time I saw it was at PAX last year, and after hearing nothing but good things from friends who have played the Steam version, I'm so glad it's finally on mobile devices. Kingdom is a game that's really hard to describe. It's partially a management game, while feeling like an exploration game at the same time. You earn coins in various way, then spend those coins upgrading your lands. You'll fight off invaders, gain followers, and so much more.

I'm of the opinion that Kingdom: New Lands is a game that's best experienced without knowing too much about it. It reminds me a lot of Sword & Sworcery [$3.99] in that so much of the magic of the game comes from the discovery of things that happen inside of it, and how you then deal with those things. If you're not big into the ambiguity thing I'm pitching here, just hang on for our full review or check out our forums.

Additionally, Raw Fury is high on my short list of publishers to watch in 2017. We got a look at what they were showing off at GDC, and while most of it wasn't for mobile, I feel like the games they're publishing are perfectly lined up with the stuff I like. It's awesome to see them on the App Store.

  • skylined87

    This game looks AMAZING! Gonna have to pick it up as soon as I get paid! 😃

    • Ron

      Looks like...a horse riding game. Lol.

  • Lickzy

    That trailer did absolutely nothing to sell me on the game... unfortunate.

    Huge premium fan and don't care about $10 but based off what I just saw my money is better spent elsewhere

  • SKR Imaging

    Lol.. coin shitting horses.. game looks good though!

  • Zaraf


  • Lickzy

    why are my comments being modded?

    • Lickzy

      I said the trailer didn't sell me on the game and that my $10 was better spent elsewhere... Twice... though not in that exact language.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Because you keep boasting you're going to spend your $10 elsewhere which really doesn't contribute to any sort of discussion.

      • brantov

        just lol.

  • Alexythimia23

    This looks awesome, beautifully crafted retro style graphics. Going ti defo keep an eye on this! Would like to play it now tbf but breath of the wild is too addictive right now, as this looks like the sort of game u want to give your time to

  • brantov

    this game is definitely have some kind of magic behind it's surface and all that stuff. it's just so fun and relaxing to play. i really recommend this game to anyone with a "taste".

  • rpgh8r

    I've seen this being played on other platforms - looks very interesting, the aesthetic alone is enough to warrant a purchase. $10 seems a little steep compared to what I'd normally pay though... might have to wait for the review!