The Nintendo Switch blurs the lines between gaming tablet, portable system, and console. Those last two things are already kind of blurry as handheld hardware has gotten more powerful. And, while handheld games have always been seen as the younger sibling to console games (who themselves are seen as inferior to the PC gaming ubermensch), mobile has always been the red-headed stepchild. Yet, with the Switch being basically a tablet with built-in controllers, there's room for some great mobile games to shine on a 'serious' gaming system. There's some underappreciated gems by talented developers that don't get enough love, and I've collected ten great games that would make for fine Switch titles.

Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, $2.99 The reason for including this is obvious: the Joy-Con's tilt functionality. This could certainly be playable in portable mode with Joy-Con attached, but imagine being able to play the game while docked to the TV, using a Joy-Con remotely. Or enjoying cooperative tilting action with two Joy-Con. These games are fun, and excellent examples of strong mobile titles whose unique elements could translate to the Switch, and wouldn't necessarily work as well on other platforms. Plus, the Tilt to Live franchise has had some of the strongest entries in the tilting and arena survival genre on mobile.

MUL.MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL, $2.99 It just came out, but it's obvious to see how well Riverman Media's latest game would work on the Switch, and that's not just because it has MFi controller support already. It's also because Riverman is a talented developer that could use some greater exposure among the gaming community, and if not MUL.MASH, then games like Pizza vs. Skeletons [$2.99] and The Executive [$2.99] would also work quite well on the Switch and expose a new audience to the brilliance of this developer.

Super QuickHook, $2.99 I could put literally any Rocketcat title here, and something like Wayward Souls [$6.99] would work brilliantly. But the reason why I pick Super QuickHook is because it's a brilliant game unlike few other, with its grappling hook action working brilliantly in both the context of designed levels and procedurally-made endless levels. Getting it exposed to a new audience, and on a system where it could live forever, would be amazing.

Star Wars™: Force Arena, Free The thing that would be really fascinating about this one is that you could theoretically use the Joy-Con to utilize movement and other character actions, while having the touchscreen free entirely for unit summoning. Ergonomics of the system would be key here, but it would be a rather intriguing idea for a game that tasks players with a lot of responsibilities. Also intriguing: how well would a mobile free-to-play game work on a system like the Switch that is intended to also have $60 games?

Super Stickman Golf 3, Free This 2D physics golfing game is fun as it is, sure. And on the Switch, it would provide lots more hours of golfing fun. But imagine local multiplayer race matches with the Joy-Con on here, or on the big screen. The potential for immense party fun could be realized with a Switch version of this game.

Leap Day, Free Daily modes in games are genius ideas, because there's something pleasing about having a new challenge to take on every time you pick up a game, that everyone else in the world can also take on. Nitrome has delivered one of the finest games centered around this idea, for sure. Why not bring it to the people on the Switch? This would be perfect for commutes or for relaxing in front of the TV after a long day. Plus, considering one of Nitrome's artists has been mocking up a Mario Leap Day for a while now, why not make that happen for real, eh?

868-HACK, $4.99 One of the disappointing things about mobile gaming benig seen as such an inferior form of gaming is that there are some talented designers and developers whose work has gone underappreciated. Michael Brough's work is definitely included in that list. He has some amazing games, and the seminal classic 868-HACK would do well with a new audience on the Switch, though Imbroglio [$3.99] and Glitch Tank [$1.99] would also make for great entries on a new platform.

Sage Solitaire, Free Another designer who's perhaps unappreciated, though he's seen more mainstream success is Zach Gage. SpellTower [$2.99] is a great game, but that and some of his other titles deserve recognition on this new mobile-esque system. One of those is Sage Solitaire, an incredibly fun card game that brings its own spin to Klondike solitaire. And hey, another cool game from Gage that would belong on the Switch: bring back Bit Pilot [$1.99]!

Mikey Hooks, $1.99 Mobile has had a strong tradition of trial and speedrun platformers, in part because they make a perfect fit for the form factor. But with the Switch transcending form factors, some of these games would be a perfect fit for the platform. While there's plenty of great examples – Mos Speedrun 2 [$1.99] is a great example, too – the Mikey games are ones I've been fans of since seeing the first one in early form at GDC 2012. All 3 entries in the Mikey series are great, but Hooks gets the win for having grappling hooks.

Smooth Operator!, $0.99 Pretty much any local multiplayer party game on mobile could translate well to the Switch. But the problem with iPad locla multiplayer games is that they're always kind of awkard to play. With the Switch and two Joy-Con, there's far less issue. Smooth Operator could be adapted to Joy-Con play, and this wacky kissing game would be great, goofy, fun to have at parties.

  • Brad Brasfield

    I was just posting in the Xenoraid thread that it would make a wonderful Switch title.

  • Amenbrother

    So many games would kick ass on the Switch! I would grab them all again even after having them on IOS.

    • Chowderbatter

      Must be nice being rich.

      Or having rich parents.

      • GreebleGrobble

        Wow... you know what they say about making assumptions...

        Maybe he is just choosing to spend his discretionary income as he pleases?

  • J Terry

    Too bad the Nintendo faithful do not share this view. Is ridiculed on the Switch sub for suggesting Super Mario Run be a launch title.

  • Luke

    I hope they add Mario run lol

  • Mooshine

    I'm a day-1 Switch owner who never bought an MFi controller. You could make an argument for most any premium game which supports controllers; I'd like to specifically nominate Horizon Chase, Geometry Wars 3, and Lumines Puzzle & Music. Actually I don't think Lumines supports controller, but it would be slightly better if it did.

  • laennium

    I hope you guys will cover Switch games too. While basically everyone knows about the larger titles, smaller games often stay under the radar, so you coverage would really help folks to find games they like

  • InTheAir

    As far as consoles having F2P games, I still have Frozen: Free Fall untouched on my Xbox. 😜 If I did want to get a multiplayer F2P game on on my console(s) it irritates me so much that you have to pay $60 a year. The point of most F2P games is to spend your heart & soul into a game for free, why would I want to make up for the cost by giving me more games. I'm much happier about the Switch's service because it's actually feasible to get $20-30.

  • Chowderbatter

    What a great idea!

    These games are already available on the fastest, most advanced mobile hardware (with iPad event mere days away) which we already have paid for, at a cost of $0-5 each.

    So, by all means, let's release them in cartridge form so we can pay $60 apiece. Keep up the good work, fellas.

    • GreebleGrobble

      Dang you are just full of pessimism here... the idea is having options... which tends to be something people like having available. Get outta here Mr Troll!

      • Chowderbatter

        Pragmatism > "optimism."

        You spend $60 on the same game I spend $2 on.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Why on Earth do you think these games would be $60 if released on the Switch? You do of course realize there are other price points on the eShop... right?

      • Chowderbatter

        Admittedly, I'm exaggerating to make my point.

        I realize they'd probably come in around $10-20. Not $60.

        Even so, that's an unnecessary increase that will not benefit the customer nor the developers. I appreciate the content at TA, but I'd love to see an article that compares profit percentage from iOS, Android, Steam, Switch or other platforms. I'm guessing Nintendo probably takes a larger bite and there's simply little or no incentive for gamers or devs to even consider distributing their content on this stillborn platform.