We met up with Jake Sones of Zombie Match Defense [$0.99] fame and E McNeill who created the VR hacking game Darknet to check out their latest collaboration, a puzzle game called Squeelings. If you've played Darknet then Squeelings' gameplay concept will look very similar, but its theme probably won't. Squeelings is a strategic puzzler that's all about spreading happiness, which is a positive message I can get behind in this day and age. The actual mechanics are tricky to describe though, but all should be quite clear after checking out our hands-on demo of Squeelings from GDC.

What struck me about Squeelings was how complex and challenging the game can get at the later levels. Also there are A TON of levels to begin with, but with the super simple to use level editor and the random level generation option as well as the ease of sharing your creations this is the type of game where you'll never run out of things to do, quite literally! Look for Squeelings to launch hopefully in the next few months or so.

  • HelperMonkey

    Might be tricky to market deep strategy with cuteness, but I hope this succeeds. It looks smart, and really clean and appealing.


    Bring on the Happiness, great, I am happy almost every day but you never can't have enough ha ha.

  • ValentiaLyra

    I'm a happy person by nature, but I'll always welcome more! More happiness for all! 😀 (The game looks great!)