Back in November we got a brief glance at the latest game from independent developer Randy O'Connor called Seldom Falls. It had a really great visual style but all we really knew about what you did in the game was somehow building up a vertical town and trying to protect it from being ruined by the weather. Well, we met with Randy at GDC and now have a much better idea what Seldom Falls is all about, and it's incredibly clever and interesting. Watch and listen as Randy walks us through the game in the video below.

While there's plenty to the deeper strategy of Seldom Falls that still isn't quite clear, the basic concept is really neat. I love how weather will basically "attack" you from multiple directions so you have to prepare for that, and the whole day/night cycle looks really cool as does the effect when the falls themselves dump down and wash away all your hard work. This is one of those "it's done when it's done" situations but I really can't wait to see how Seldom Falls turns out whenever it does get finished.

  • ValentiaLyra

    The graphics are so great! I've been watching this one for some time. Really looking forward to playing it!

    • RandyO

      Thanks so much! The positive response has pushed me to keep working on it, and now it's becoming so much more than just a little experiment.

      • ValentiaLyra

        You're very welcome!

        This must be a tremendously exciting time for you, to be nearing the point where your little experiment becomes something that many people will be able to enjoy!