French game developers Pol Clarissou and Armel Gibson are working on what they're calling a "toyish surprise-o-rama," Vignettes. The idea behind this game is that you're rotating and playing with objects, using the shifting perspectives to morph the object into something else. It's fun and a bit perplexing to just play around with by itself, but there's a cool sort of adventure aspect to this one as well. There's essentially a map of shapes, and you can check it to see a map of which shapes are coming and going. It gives Vignettes more of an adventure feel, and a handy hint system if you get stuck.

The plan is for Vignettes to feature over 50 shapes in the launch version, with the potential for more down the road. It's expected to launch this spring, and it feels like it has high potential to be the hip new mobile game when it comes out, so be sure to pay attention to it ahead of release.

  • bitbit

    looks neat. Apple will love it in the store.