Ankama, of Krosmaster and Dofus fame, has given us another interesting mobile game called Krosmaga [Free]and it looks pretty fun. This CCG will remind you a lot of Mojang's ill-fated Scrolls in that you use cards to place units on a battlefield and take out the other player's towers while protecting yours. In Kromaga, you play as a god and can unleash godly - and probably ungodly - powers upon your poor opponent. As with every CCG, you collect cards, build decks - or go with the premade ones the game offers - and go for either the PvP or the single player mode.

The cards come from the Krosmoz universe, so if you've played any of the other Ankama games, you'll recognize many of the cards in your hand. The trailer looks very nice, so I'm definitely giving this one a shot. The game is out now and is F2P.

  • ItouchBrett

    No comments? That's a shame. This game is great. And dofus universe is even better.

  • MintCity

    This is a lot like "Heavenstrike Rivals" except there is a lot more strategy when it comes to the variety of winning conditions. I like it a lot more. I am loving it so far and it's pretty affordable if you want to spend money on the game.

  • gingler

    I really love it! Its a super little fun game, plus, you dont need to spend money to get some nice cards, since they give daily missions, to get money and stuff, and a roulette coin.
    :> i really reccomend it.