Mobile MOBA Planet of Heroes has been in closed and open beta for quite some time, and now it's getting ready to release worldwide in early March. If you haven't read our earlier story on the game, Planet of Heroes is a one-lane MOBA with 7-minute long matches, which should help make it more mobile appropriate. The game offers PvP and PvE and includes both real-time head to head online play and asynchronous offline play. That should please the many players who don't like online-only games.

The game comes with a Rune system that, according to the devs, offers plenty of flexibility in terms of hero roles. For instance, you could tune a hero to be a tank or a ranged carry. That should offer plenty of variety and fun strategic options. And the art style is really lovely, cartoonish but in a good way. I'm still looking for a mobile MOBA that draws me in, and I'm willing to give Planet of Heroes a chance. Check our our forum thread for more info.

  • Airpegy

    Tried it I'm from Canada and it's basically à moba for 5-12 years old

    • Medjed

      You're slow

    • Anthony Boardgame

      Just because you suck, doesn't mean it's for children.

  • DTsAngina

    How does this differ from games like Call of Champions? That game does the quick moba pretty good imho.

    • Medjed

      And you're slow

      • Christian


  • badaboom

    Game is terrible unfortunately