We've been keeping a close eye on the development of Albion Online, the ambitious, sandbox, cross-platform MMORPG, and we finally have a PC release date; July 17th. Before you get too excited, keep in mind that the mobile release will come later - at least according to previous statements by the developers - but it's good to see that after quite a long beta period, the game development is coming to an end. We got to see the game at GDC 16, and it was very exciting to see such a complex game played on a tablet.

The game has undergone many changes since it was originally announced, but overall Albion Online will bring a PvE and PvP medieval fantasy world with a player-driven economy - where all equipment items are player-crafted - along with a unique classless system and much more. I'm super excited for this game, and I really hope it won't disappoint once it releases on mobile.

  • Marvin

    I'm excited that this is finally coming soon. The game looks absolutely fantastic.

  • MintCity

    I'll believe it when they actually release it. I've gotten my hopes up too many times with this game. They have delayed it beyond belief over the past couple years.

  • mcgee318

    Played it on a shield tablet and pc. The games awesome and runs great on a tablet as long as it has the right specs. Can't wait for the release.

  • Bloodangel

    In video he says it's only on iPad, but developers have stated on facebook that it will be on iPhones.
    Maybe the video is old info as it's from last year

    • boydstr

      If you listening you hear the TouchArcade guy asking if it's only for tablets and the developer reply by saying that "it is playable on phones but that it's best played on the phones with larger screens like 6+" (because you can see that the game have a large UI so you have the best experience by playing the game on tablets)

  • GalDrogo

    Was really hyped for this. Then it took too long. Now Durango has my full attention.

    • Elysion28

      Now you got me there. Durango gonna release on this Last Q 2017

      • Vivi Siow

        my dad and i was also looking forward to albion.Than it only released on pc.Durango beta caught my attention 😛

      • Elysion28

        They said they gonna release it on Mobile. But when is the question and MMO Mobile is going into tough fight because of Legendary RuneScape join into Mobile too.

  • Jack Campbell

    I played in the beta..The game is rather good for an MMO on cell phone, just not my taste in games. But for those looking for good MMO on the go, I think you will enjoy it.

  • Elysion28

    Hope they release it on mobile fast enough too. Because when there a situations like when I play Eve Online, I can play it to on mobile at work to check thing's up cause on Eve Online I can't do that.