Earlier this month, OK Golf [$2.99] from suitably named developers Okidokico Entertainment launched on the App Store to much aplomb, being featured heavily by Apple and impressing both those with a casual experience of the sport and golfing veterans with its stunning aesthetic design and simplistic touch-centric controls. Despite the game's ingenuity, Carter stated in our review that occasionally OK Golf deviated too much from the tried and true golfing formula, and quite a few minor annoyances somewhat sullied what was an otherwise ambitious effort from the developers in standing out amongst the genre-defining efforts of Super Stickman Golf 3 [Free] and others. Thankfully, the developers have taken aboard much of the criticism from the game's launch, and have submitted an update for OK Golf that should attempt to fix many of the smaller issues that some have had with the game, in the lead up to a more substantial content update next month.

In the upcoming patch, Okidokico have vastly improved the aiming controls for power shots, and replaced the strange camera-shaking feature that Carter emphasised as being particularly aggravating in the recent review. As well as this, numerous bugs and crashes have been quashed from OK Golf, and the sensitivity of looking around has also been tweaked to make aiming easier. The developers have also added support for both portrait and landscape orientations, and have added three new secret holes to try and find, which should go some way to extending the game's longevity somewhat. While there is still work to do to OK Golf to take it into the higher echelons of the iOS golfing world, it's great to see a developer so in touch with both positive and negative feedback, and so quick to address many issues raised; it puts OK Golf in good stead for the future. Swing by (pun not intended) our forum thread for more discussion, and to keep up to date with the continued development of OK Golf.

  • bigrand1

    That's good to hear! See, I don't want okay golf. I want GOOD golf, so I haven't been impressed by what they've got so far here. Got a few GOOD golf games on my device, but I'm afraid this won't make the cut if these issues aren't done right, so......... ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

    All I want is a button to "reset the view". So often I'm oft exploring holes only to find it very tedious to get back to where my golf ball is actually placed.

    • http://www.twitter.com/robfunnell3 Rob Funnell

      Definitely go to the forum thread and suggest that, as the devs have been really receptive to feedback that it'll likely find its way into a later version ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bread_Sticks

      If you do nothing for a second the camera will automatically return to your ball

      • http://www.twitter.com/BB8orR2D2 David

        While that re-centers your ball it does not re-set your zoom.