If you like the highly-entertaining bullet hell shmup Phoenix 2 [Free], prepare to enjoy even more content. The upcoming update will add three new extra hard leagues - because apparently the game wasn't hard enough for some of you. The SS, SSS, and SSSS Leagues will ratchet up the difficulty and provide a challenge for even the best of you. We also getting improvements for those who like speedruns. Specifically, now you'll be able to see the time differential from your previous time after each wave of defeated enemies. That way, you'll know if it's still worth going for it or just quitting and starting all over again.

The game will also get 5 new ships and a new Zen Mode ability called Reflex EMP. This one needs to charge for a bit but then wipes out all bullets around the ship. There are some balance changes coming as well. The update will release next Thursday, February 23rd.

  • Mrbestapps

    Awesome! I play this game every day. Scared to see what the new leagues are like.

    • http://atmorojo.github.io/ Risyad Rais

      Yeah. I still go back and forth between A and S league. Wonder how much effort I should make to beat SS or SSS.

      • Estraquen

        Once you reach SS League or higher, a lot of top 10 use Aurora 😉

  • hellishboy

    Finally a shootem up that does controls right. The ship doesn't fly under your finger and when you release your finger that game doesn't pause. You hear that Galaga?

    • Mrbestapps

      lol I thought I was the only one which got super bothered by that. I can't play shmup games if you can't swipe anywhere on the screen, and if releasing pauses/slows the game.

      Phoenix 2 and bullet hell Monday both have the perfect controls.