This Wednesday, Niantic finally announced that a whole new cast of Pokemon from the Johto region would be available to capture within Pokemon GO [Free], as well as an assortment of additional items, berries, and gameplay enhancements to make the augmented reality application even more immersive. While they touted a release date of 'later this week', it turns out we didn't have to wait long, as this landmark feature for Pokemon GO is now available straight within the game (a preparatory patch was released earlier today, and has to be downloaded before Gen 2 fun can begin). You now have no excuse to turn your cap backwards, grab your Poke Balls, and go out into the freezing Winter morning and capture some brand new Pokemon from the Gold, Silver and Crystal games!

In case you missed the initial announcement, this update includes the aforementioned 80+ creatures from the second generation of Pokemon games, as well as all the new evolutions for many of the previous cast of critters you may have caught - for example, that Golbat can now evolve one step further into a Crobat. All the new evolution items that are required to evolve Seadra, Scyther, Porygon2, Onix, Slowpoke, and Poliwhirl are also now attainable from PokeStops, and the Pinap and Nanab Berries make their debut, slowing a Pokemon's movement and doubling candy obtained from a creature respectively. Some neat UI and AI improvements to make capturing Pokemon even more immersive are also included, and top off what is an incredibly exciting update for Pokemon GO, and one that hopefully brings a lot of disillusioned trainers back into the fold. Download the new Johto update for Pokemon GO on the App Store now, and let us know what you think of the abundance of additions on our forum thread.

  • ItouchBrett

    Soooo does anyone actually care anymore about this?

    • Eli Hodapp

      You're joking, right?

      • Findalflin

        Me and wife have been playing since day one. My grandparents who can't say half the names are higher levels than us lol yes people still care.

      • dancj

        My retired dad still plays every day. It's his daily exercise.

      • DanKetch

        Mine too, he plays Pokémon with my nephew.

  • Cleafus

    I've been playing since the beginning. Never battled in a gym, I just like collecting the Pokémon. Don't know why it is exactly, but I enjoy it and it hasn't even cost me anything. To each their own right?

    • Rob Funnell

      The beauty of virtually ever Pokemon game is that there's the option to collect and catch, or to battle and train (or, if you're superhuman, to do both). Even in the card game, some people simply collect the cards rather than actually play the proper game, and that's totally alright - so is just collecting Pokemon in GO, and I probably prefer that side of it too 🙂

  • dancj

    Caught 14 new types on my way to work today so it's probably worth using lucky eggs the first time you go.

    On the down-side, there weren't nearly as many pidgeys around and none of the new ones I caught can evolve for 12 candies, so levelling up is going to be a lot slower going forward.

    • CarlRJ

      Yeah, I haven't seen any 12-candy evolvers amongst the new ones I caught, though now if you catch (any) pokemon on the first throw, you get a 50xp bonus.

  • Jason

    Anyone know what those items are that you need for some of the new evolutions and where you get them?

    • CarlRJ

      If evolving a Pokemon needs an item, it lists on their "evolve" button along with the number of candies necessary, though it only shows a tiny image. I saw larger images of the six new items on one of TrainerTips's videos on youtube yesterday, but I think he got the images from the Silph Road folks. I don't recall the names, but I know I need two of the ones that look like little batteries, so I can evolve at least one Onix and Scyther into their higher forms. Supposedly you get the items from Pokestops, but they're likely quite rare.

    • Joseph LaLumiere

      You get them from pokestops with your 7 day streak