Ohhhhh snaaaap today is National I Want Butterscotch Day according to some web site that says it is, which plays perfectly into looking at our GDC appointments and seeing an early meeting with Butterscotch Shenanigans where we're (hopefully) going to see what they're working on next. In the meantime, there's a whole bunch of new games that have hit our forums recently, many we've posted about, and some that we haven't posted about quite yet!

Here's the full list, which I expect to evolve over the day, including a few recent soft launches because why not.

Recent Soft Launches:

  • Steven Lewis

    Too many great new games to handle!

  • stinkatron5000

    Firetop Mountain coming tonight?

    • Nicolas Le Proux de La Rivière

      on the 22nd

    • Shkrbby

      WOFTM is coming soon?

  • Jason

    Hopefully Soul Knight still comes out today!

  • OrangeKnickers

    Hidden Folks is great!! The Deep Paths (dungeon crawler from crescent moon games) and Gunman Taco Truck (Romero family endeavour) are also out! Thnks for the round-up, shapes up to be another great week!!

  • shining jade

    Nothing for me ..hopefully there's more to the list later ..

  • shining jade

    Digby Forever actually won me over once I found out it's offline playable ^-^ reminds me of dig dug

  • Repulsa

    Soul Knights?

  • jpgold

    Flamboygen just went live. Had never heard of it before, but just played through the first level and seems like a really well done premium game.

  • Far_Out

    Evergrow just came out and looks like an oddball type of tower defence? or is it?

  • 7lilwhitewolf7

    Okay this has 2 b the last one. All i want now 4rm this series iz that Angry Birds Shmup