If you've been interested in checking out the strategy RPG Demon's Rise [$1.99] but have been hesitant about dropping the money on it up front, then today (or technically, yesterday) is your lucky day. Developer Wavelight Games have released a brand new free version appropriately called Demon's Rise Free [Free] which will give you access to the first nine campaign battles for the low, low price of nothing. Then, if you like that initial taste, you can simply unlock the full game through a one-time IAP and have access to the full enchilada. In this case, the full enchilada is a whopping 85 campaign battles of monster slaying fun.

If you're curious to read up a little more on Demon's Rise even before checking out the free version, be sure to read Shaun's full review of the game where he notes that while the game is lacking in design polish, it is more than made up for in fun and variety. Demon's Rise may have some rough edges, but it's a damn impressive game for a one man project and as far as I know it's the only game that lets you play as a walking cannon. Oh, and you may have heard that there's a sequel, Demon's Rise 2: Lords of Chaos [$1.99], and if you've been on the fence about checking that one out as well then just sit tight as it should be getting its very own free trial version any day now.

  • http://bit.ly/TNS-BLOG Giacomo Lawrance

    I think more apps should do this - it's a great way of testing out a game, and not committing to it.

    • Lickzy

      Agreed 100%. Gives people a taste before taking a financial plunge.

      Though I don't disagree with Shaun's original review, the game has been subject to multiple updates which would likely warrant a different review if performed today. UI upgrades, better graphics, more content etc. Would likely push this towards 4.5 if not 5 stars.

      And when you take into consideration how involved the dev is on the forums and this community, that's gotta be worth a brownie point star 😊

    • Dauchon

      I remember when most games did this but too many people complained about bait and switch, even though it was clearly stated that it was a demo or trial. Lite versions. Miss those

  • http://www.wavelightgames.com/ WaveLightGames

    Thanks guys! A free version of Demon's Rise 2 using the same model should be out next week. Also Android version should be submitted today!

    • Far_Out

      Great move!

    • MarsMachine

      Well played.

  • nkarafo

    Nice move.