Unfortunately, the fears I mentioned in last week's podcast episode came true and I'm currently stuck using the world's worst hotel WiFi (which really describes basically all hotel WiFi). I wasn't even able to place a simple Skype call yesterday, so there's not a whole lot of point in trying to record an hour long podcast today... But, thankfully, we've got tons of back catalog stuff to pull out which I'd bet not many people have heard before. (And if you have, you're a serious hardcore fan of TouchArcade and we really appreciate you sticking around for so long.

Anyway, this week's episode is actually from the third episode of our podcast in 2009 where we had the developers of Pocket God [$0.99] on the show. Pocket God was somewhat of a TouchArcade community sensation, with a following that was sort of incredible at the time. What also makes this episode fascinating to listen to is it was recorded right when there were initial rumblings of free to play and in-app purchases potentially coming to the App Store. Listening to this episode, we don't even really know what to call this style of game and continually refer to in-game purchases as "DLC" as that was the only reasonable comparison at the time.

We'll get back to our regular podcasts next week, and with GDC and all sorts of other stuff coming up I'm hoping to work towards having a few non-time sensitive episodes we can have in queue so we can have normal, new, and unreleased podcasts ready to go in times like this when WiFi doesn't cooperate. But, hey, this will be a great blast from the past for most people I think.


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  • Maude St. Nubbins

    Oh Pocket God, the game that opened the Pandora's Box of entitlement for players to expect endless, free game updates until the end of time. As an ex-mobile developer, thanks for that. :-

    • FRnchFRy

      We Rule and ngmoco definitely contributed to that. I remember practically every other day on We Rule there was some sort of event, new building, discount, etc. I miss We Rule. It was nice to play something that didn't require you to "DESTROY YOUR OPPONENTS IN EPIC ONLINE BATTLES." I liked the friendliness and laid back peace of the game. As for Pocket God, that and an app (that's strangely still on the AppStore) called More Toast are what got me into iOS gaming. I loved when my aunt would come over and I'd be able to fling pygmies into the volcano once again. Sounds more disturbing now but boy was it fun. I guess there was more care for customer satisfaction then there is now. I guess that's just natural though. When the AppStore was new, the methods of obtaining customers' money was different than it is now. Since the AppStore was nowhere near as popular as it is now, it was more difficult to get customers, so the focus was more on quality. Now though with games like CoC or Clash Royale, it's way easier to get millions of customers just with shear name value which means they don't need to focus as much on quality. Now they have more time to focus on stuff like monetization and making the game "look nice." Also, since they're not as dependent on a smaller group of consumers, the developers can take their games in pretty much any direction they want. Just my two-cents.

      • FRnchFRy

        Yes I know. Sheer not shear. My bad lol

    • bigrand1

      They were great developers who cared more about making a great game with many exciting free updates for gamers as opposed to most greedy devs today who would rather focus on how to separate the gamer from his wallet instead of making a good game and striving to make it even better as time goes on! They stuck out because of that and also because of their presence here listening to what we wanted to see and going the extra mile to achieve that! I'll always remember that! 👍