FTL: Faster Than Light [$9.99 (HD)] is one of the best video games of the past several years, and it really found a nice home when arrived on the iPad in spring of 2014. So when FTL developer Subset Games announces a new game, it's worth getting excited for. Today the developer has unveiled Into The Breach, a turn-based strategy game about fighting off an alien invasion using bad ass mechs from the future. Honestly, do you need any other description besides that to want this game? Did we mention it's from the folks who made FTL? Is there a phrase that's more instant than "insta-buy?" Check out the awesome trailer for Into The Breach.

Ok, looks great, right? But here's the catch: Into The Breach has only been announced for Windows, Mac, and Linux at this time. You might also remember that those are the platforms that FTL originally launched on, and that even though it took a little time the game finally did make its way to mobile, and the world was a better place for it. I have a feeling that even though it's not officially announced, Into The Breach is bound to make its way to mobile at some point. Or maybe I'm just trying to will it to happen. Either way, Into The Breach game is looking amazing no matter the platform, so we'll keep an eye on its development just for fun and hope that someday we can all play this on our iOS devices too.

UPDATE: Almost missed in this new game anouncement is the fact that FTL: Faster Than Light has dropped to its lowest price ever on iPad, so if you haven't gotten in on that yet now is the time to do so for the obscene price of $2.99. Link added below!

  • HelperMonkey

    FTL + AdvanceWars + environmental interaction + mechs?
    This looks really good.
    Lots of crunchy texture and depth.
    We should just start a petition for a mobile release now.

  • Discostallion

    I'd love to see this offered for the switch.

  • noteatino

    The interface and all of the gameplay seems well suited for mobile. Can't wait!

  • jamieladc

    Wish they FTL for Plus size Iphones

    • jamieladc

      *made FTL that should say

  • storybored

    This game cannot date as it is already dated by twenty years. TouchArcade please stop promoting these "retro" games that only promote lazy

    • dancj

      I love that your post complaining about laziness ends halfway through a sentence.

    • Herman van Boeijen

      Did you play FTL yet?

    • Danny Bisaillon

      dude, did you ever played FTL...and understood the deepness it offers ?

  • spsummer

    This game looks great, perfect fit for an iPad. Hope it regales on the platform..... FTL is my all-time favorite iOS game, awesome.

    • Dr.SamLoomis

      FTL is hands down a top game and should be an example of how to structure ui and touch gameplay for mobile. So good, really doesn't get old. This game looks good too, hope they have already been working on mobile since FTL was so well received

  • veryggyy

    Great news l paid 3usd for FTL

  • Sangeet Shukla

    sad thing is this one will also not available on android...Why developers why?just change the code language & the game is ready for us...

    • Michal Hochmajer

      Unified hardware and 80:20 income. aka. Not viable. Here is your answer.

      • Sangeet Shukla

        ...I know you are right in so many way but Thank god not all the developers feel the same

      • Michal Hochmajer

        It isn't about feelings. If small developer sell between 10k-50k over whole year, mostly during on sale for 1 buck, game isn't viable. And if you also consider complicated Android hardware/software.
        Technically, one man team, living in cheap country can do relatively ok. But sell even 10k copies is hard task. Seems funny? Check Google Play for a few years and you will partially understand, why mobile market is in such a state.
        I praise Google for what they did with Android and technology in general. But massive doesn't mean always the best. Glad devs still making games for an Android.

  • Reignmaker

    Picked up FTL at the low price, and I'm looking forward to checking it out. Honestly I would have gladly paid $10 for it, but it hasn't been updated since 2014. That kind of abandonment, doesn't deserve $10.

    • Reignmaker

      The no sound glitch has reared its ugly head on my iPad Air 2. Please update your game.

    • scottsoapbox

      I'm a little concerned that it is going to be gone once Apple stops 32 bit support. (Which looks like ios 11)

  • War Vet

    Hopefully it isn't as brutally hard as FTL.

  • vonknut

    Love ftl

    This teaser?

    Love the aoe effect and 'chain-effects', but seems like a very small map and somehow something does not click for me.
    And without any info on the gameplay around the 'levels', then i'm still on the edge.

    Well, history might prove me wrong...

    • Danny Bisaillon

      Remember the FTL trailer, i wasn't sure either, until i played it, i have the feeling it will offer more than it seems shows, we know XP play a role, i have the feeling the 3 vehicle are also upgradable