We've been keeping a close eye on the upcoming dinosaur-filled MMORPG Durango because it's promising to bring to mobile a huge, intriguing world filled with things to do and dinosaurs to slay. The game has finished its first closed beta period just recently, and today the developers posted some very fun stats that show both how players chose to play the game as well as Durango's potential. The beta had over a million players across iOS and Android devices, although the US only had around 45 thousand (so don't be surprised you didn't get in). Players were enjoying the Durango world for an average of 8 hours, although having players who topped 500 hours probably skews those numbers a bit.

The size of all the worlds created during the beta was 200 times the size of a soccer field if you put all the devices next to each other. The stats also show the game's focus on farming, cooking, trading, crafting (28 million miles of straps were created during the beta), and, of course, warfare and clan wars. And finally, players built over 2 million bonfires out of a total of 6 million buildings. Fun numbers from what looks like it will be a fun game. No word on release yet, so keep sharpening that stick with a knife while sitting on a rock in the middle of a dinosaur-infested island.

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  • https://twitter.com/shirley_naught Shirley Naught

    The headline and the lead graphic made me think this was a soccer game that somehow allowed players to start fires and/or kill their opponents.

    • Kiltedsheep

      Me too! Am gutted

      • gonif

        Hooligans! 😉

    • Kiltedsheep

      BTW, you might just have the best username ever

      • https://twitter.com/shirley_naught Shirley Naught

        Thanks! It was this or sexhaver420, and I'm still not sure i made the right call.

  • Stetch

    Played the beta. Gets pretty boring after a while. Deleted it.

    • Firedog5698

      The fact that you had to go on every 4 hours looking for your food for your pets got me mad because in 2 days of not playing both my pets died don't like this concept but overall loved the game

      • Xanthon

        I know right. No wonder Neopets and Tamagotchi failed.

      • boydstr


      • Bloodangel

        Do you have to have a pet? I hate having a pet in games... I'd rather just look after myself

      • Firedog5698

        No you don't need a pet but they can help with more space and get you places faster which can cause your character to get less tired than usual

      • boydstr

        That's why testing is a good thing so they can remove or adjust things that testers like/dislike and balance the game.

      • boydstr

        That's why they have beta tests to fine tune the game and try to produce an overall smooth gameplay experience for

  • The Infamous E

    Question for those who played the beta:

    Does this game have timers that stop you from being able to play? I can deal with timers on upgrades and such, but will not ever play a game that has timers that stop me from playing.

    • Firedog5698

      It has timers for your character, upgrades, ,buildings and such bc your character can get tired which causes you to relax at a bon Fire for a bit which can take some time. I wanna say like 10 min depending if it's almost completely depleted not 100% sure how long

  • baldeagle86

    Why did my comment get deleted?

  • boydstr

    I want to ask something to the
    administrators I put a link in my post from an earlier post November 29, 2016 7:35 PM by Tasos Lazarides,from the TA forum about Durango with a trailer and some screenshots because I wanted to know how the game looks and the latest post has no trailer and pics so when I used the TA link on the forum I got the message "hold on this has to approved......" and it is removed so my question, is it allowed to put TA links in posts or is it not?