Clash Royale [Free] has a pretty fun challenge this time around, and it's one that's doing something new. The Battle Ram Challenge allows you to build a deck with Battle Ram, even though the card isn't out yet, and any other card you want. That means you can play around with cards that aren't in your collection. The fun part is that if you manage to get 5 wins and up, you unlock Battle Ram cards, which means you'll see the card start appearing in your chests before the normal release of the new card. That's a pretty cool idea, I think. There are two price points for this challenge. The Grand Challenge costs 100 gems to enter, and the Classic Challenge is free on the first entry and costs 10 gems from there onward.

As you can see in the video above, you get ten times the Battle Ram cards if you play the Grand Challenge. All you need is to unlock the card once, though, and then you can start finding the card in your chests one week earlier than most. What do you think of this challenge? I think it's a fun idea, and I'm sure the prospect of unlocking Battle Ram early will get more people playing it.

  • Stuart Morris

    So they did the same thing for the card before (a legendary; the E. Wizard) and it required all 12 wins... card is a leggie so makes sense..
    The pattern seems to continue with the Battle Ram. (A Rare card) and as said above required 5 wins to unlock. another two spots down the 1-12 scale.
    I'm wondering if SuperCell will be planning the same thing for Goblin Gang (a Common Card) and taking those two cards into consideration it'd most likely be 3 wins? Yeah?
    Anyone finds confirmation on this plz lemme know