Just about a year ago, Ironhide Game Studio began teasing a new real-time strategy game called Iron Marines, which looked like an exciting departure from their critically-acclaimed fantasy tower defense series Kingdom Rush. Not a ton of new information about Iron Marines was released in the time since though, and with Ironhide officially teasing a new Kingdom Rush game just last week it left a lot of fans wondering what the heck was up with their upcoming RTS. Well, wonder no more! Today Ironhide has posted some beta footage of Iron Marines on their blog and are asking for feedback on how it's shaping up. What do you think?

Ironhide goes on in the blog post to say that the team behind Iron Marines had hoped it would have been finished last year, but since game development is a tricky thing that just plain didn't pan out. However, the recent beta was a success and the team is "now in heavy production to finish the game as fast and good as we can." They confirm that Iron Marines will be the first game that Ironhide releases this year, and they're shooting for publishing it "mid year." Hopefully everything goes according to plan and we'll all be enjoying some fierce real-time strategy with Iron Marines by this summer.

  • lightasammo

    Instant buy on MacOS and iOS

    • nkarafo

      I agree !

    • Lucas

      I Reinfoooooorce! this statement 🙂

    • Gray Games

      I will stand behind this comment

  • ste86uk

    Love Ironhide and will be buying this

  • Fangbone

    Looks awesome!

  • Smelly Sock

    This looks awesome.

  • Joshua Woodward

    Starcraft meets old school Ninja Turtles?

  • Booch138

    This looks so dooooaaaap

  • tex32

    Can't wait until this releases....I don't care what it costs - buying day 1 without hesitation!

    • Melvin Pramode

      i am pretty sure it will cost $9.99 USD, because all their games do

  • westred

    Love and own all 3 of the Kingdom Rush games! Ironhide is one of the better developers, IMHO! This new game looks to have a LOT of the same ingredients of the Kingdom Rush TD games, which is a great thing in my eyes! I will have Iron Marines in my sights for sure! Looks great!!!

  • Mysterious Heroine X

    Probably my most wanted mobile game of 2017. It looks INCREDIBLE. I hope it's playable on iPhones!

  • Melvin Pramode

    Am with you

  • loox

    Is this similar to warcraft? I hope it can satisfy my Warcraft 4 itch

  • Optimal Supreme

    dang c64 days , and all I need is but 64k and a 5 1/4 to play imagine that ah sheepeople we all where in someway at somtime, by the mac is a pc with closed sorce linux