This past November Netmarble opened up pre-registration for a new PvP game set in the Star Wars universe, and following a fairly brief soft-launch period that game, Star Wars: Force Arena [Free], is now available in the App Store. In the game you'll control a main hero from either the Rebellion or the Imperial side, and then develop and use a deck of cards that will spawn your troops. The action plays out on a MOBA-style battlefield, but the actual mechanics are much closer to something like Clash Royale. It definitely seems to find that sweet spot of quick and accessible action that suits mobile so well.

Alongside its worldwide launch a new update has also been released for Star Wars: Force Arena which features new characters from Rogue One, a new Guild system, and the ability to team up with friends in 2v2 online matches. If you want to find out what people had been saying about Star Wars: Force Arena while it was in soft-launch, you can check out those impressions right here. Since the game is now out worldwide, a new discussion thread has been opened here, so feel free to peruse that one as well and of course leave your own comments if you end up checking the game out. It's free, it's Star Wars, and it's gotten a lot of positive reactions during it soft-launch so there's really no reason not to check it out.

  • MintCity

    Servers are down:/

    • NicoPWD

      I just got in after waiting all afternoon to play.

  • skip

    The irony is I've been playing this for months (I live in Australia) but now it's prompting me to download the update which isn't available in the AU Apple Store (yet). So I can't play it now. D'oh.

  • Aaron Jessix

    Just played a few games, seems like fun, and being able to control your leader is a nice change from similar games.

  • RunningWild

    Fun and in typical Net Marble style, the visual detail on the characters is gorgeous. Never played a MOBA before so can't comment on how well this compares but I'm enjoying it so far. A nice mix of strategy and action.