Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh it's finally here, The Binding of Issac: Rebirth [$14.99], which really seems like the perfect game to get to celebrate today's made up holiday which is Cigarettes are Hazardous to Your Health Day! For real though, the game is fabulous, the port is great, the controls are on par with the best dual stick shooters, but most importantly: We need to support premium games like this as a community of iOS gamers. If you often find yourself complaining about free to play, IAP, shallow games, and all the other common mobile criticisms, put your money where your mouth is and download The Binding of Issac. Nothing would make me happier than for word to get out that the port did incredibly well on mobile, as it could help to reinvigorate interest from developers to make more premium iOS games if we show them a market exists for them. Here's a lengthy Let's Play that will give you a great idea of what you're in for:

There's a bunch of other games that have been posted to our forums this week as well, check 'em out:

Stay tuned for our full roundup later this evening, in the event that there's any more surprises... But I feel like The Binding of Issac is the surprise of the week.

  • isitstill

    I'm looking for Binding of Isaac controller suggestions. I have an NES30 Pro, but it doesn't seem to work with Isaac. Any suggestions?

    • Eli Hodapp

      I don't think that's an MFi controller, doesn't it use the iCade fake-keyboard style of connecting to your iOS device? Might want to send Tyrone a note asking if they can add support for those!

      • Jamesrooney27

        Any tips as I'm completely terrible at the game, I guess if I keep trying I get the hang of it 🙂

      • isitstill

        Yeah, I think so. This thing is the worst. Got any controller recommendations, Eli?

      • Eli Hodapp

        The best one you can get right now is the SteelSeries Nimbus. I like the SteelSeries Stratus a lot as well, but in the interest of future-proofing the Nimbus is probably a better buy as it's new and Bluetooth 4.0 whereas the Stratus was broken in iOS 10 for a real long time before recently getting a firmware update.

      • isitstill


      • CraigAlot

        I have the nimbus and this game is still just as hard. I simply don't get the "RPG" element if you don't gain anything when you die, and you die A LOT.

      • morgawr

        I'm glad I picked up a nimbus, it's awesome. I'd recommend it to anyone

  • OrangeKnickers

    Despite already having it for pc, I instabought binding of isaac. I love premium games, so I'll support this one gladly!

  • speedyph

    Yea we have to support Isaac u guys ❤❤❤❤

  • shaneorourke

    Where's sonny?

    • MintCity

      Sonny is out on Thursday.

  • Bucusse

    Where's Mysterium??

  • LordVandal

    Where's my gameboy?

  • Shkrbby

    Everyone buy Isaac. Support your devs.

  • Lickzy

    Patiently waiting for the first person to comment on the price of Binding of Issac...
    "$14.99 is too much, it should only be like 10 bucks"
    If the game was 10 bucks...
    "$9.99 is too much, it should only be like 5 bucks"
    If the game was only 5 bucks....
    "$4.99 is too much, it shou.... you all know where I'm going with this and how right I am.

    • Lickzy

      Never mind... I didn't realize there was a previous post on it and that Cheapos were already out in full force.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Oh yes, you're way late on that one. 😉

      • brianj22

        Yes because if people won't spend $15 on a game they no longer support premium gaming. So f**k the hundreds of dollars I've spent on other premium games. The Executive by Riverman? Not premium because it's not $14.99. New RCT port, nope. The new standard apparently is $14.99

    • Timmy2x

      I'll buy what I want when I want and to be honest it's a 50/50 split on "cheapos" and "people who like to stir the pot because everyone won't buy what they tell them to such as yourself."

      • God's Grundle

        Nah, it's mostly cheapos.

      • Timmy2x

        So says you, seems it's pretty close to even ok maybe 60/40 cheapos but it's a fine line when some will buy a game three times just to have it at all costs and others that are more selective and wait for there sweet spot price point. The thing is everyone chooses there own path why all the hate for anyone who doesn't agree with yours? It's beginning to feel like a console war in here strange thing is we are all on the same iPhones for the most part.

      • Lickzy

        I'm not hating anyone, I'm speaking factually. There are people like myself who are willing to pay console game prices (79.99 sounds about right) for console quality mobile games. There are other people (I call cheapos but are perhaps better quantified as the "Unsatisifiables") who seemingly refuse to pay anything at all for a game. Whatever the price is, it always seems to be too high... I wonder if they ever pay for a game?

        But thank you for clarifying where you stand.

      • sabre31

        I will buy the same game on steam , iPhone and android so I have it everywhere and support the good devs. Cheapos are ruining mobile gaming and they are the first to complain why we can't get good games.

      • Timmy2x


      • Lickzy

        I never told anyone to buy the game...?

        Truthfully I don't intend to because it doesn't appeal to me so I'm not sure you've got an argument there champ.

        Who's the other 50 that aren't cheapos?

    • dancj

      I've seen this theory a lot recently and TBH I think it's bollocks.

      I see no reason not to believe that the people who say they would pay $10 would pay $10, and the people who say they would pay $5 would pay $5.

      • Eli Hodapp

        It's consistently always the same people complaining about the prices of games regardless of whether they're $19.99 or 99¢. I sort of think people just like complaining for sport, never intending on buying or playing anything, which seems like a real weird way to spend your day... But, hey, these are strange times we live in.

      • walmartpolice

        Totally agree. Also saw your question on AGDQ during the SOTN speed run.

      • dancj

        I see a lot more people complaining about "cheapos" than I do complaining about the price.

      • Lickzy

        Totally a fair comment but follow the threads and you will start to see the same names repeating and complaining . But hey, it's your opinion and it's a legitimate one.

  • HelperMonkey

    Okay, we all know that "OMG!! Binding of Isaac!! It's out!!! It's out!! Gaaah!!!"
    But what are we overlooking?
    Anyone find any gems this week?