It's here at last! The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [$14.99] is out now on iOS, at a price of $14.99. One of the most popular roguelike dual-stick shooter series in gaming, the mobile version of this has been hotly anticipated, with estimated release dates being pushed back. However, on the evening of January 10th in the US, the release of the game was given a surprise drop as announced by Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis, the game's publisher:

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is an earlier version of the series, which has seen updates to Afterbirth and Afterbirth+ on PC and console. Just getting the game in this form on mobile is a momentous occasion, considering the game was rejected at one point in the past by Apple. We can hope for future versions of the game to hit mobile, but for now, this Edmund McMillen roguelike is finally playable in all its glory on the phone. There's no mobile version discount here, but the port is rather fully-featured, so you should get your money's worth. Check out the game's forum thread, which is sure to blow up.

  • nkx

    Dang so excited but 20.99 CDN

    • nkx

      Hate currency exchange

    • PoloBaquerizoH

      You mobile guys should read first pc reviews of this game and steam reviews also and then talk about if 15 bucks is to steep

  • 김지 킫밸

    Good lawrd that's expensive! Not in my price range yet!... but it will be at the end of the month haha

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      I know it's expensive to you but it's better to buy the game or some premium gamers won't be happy

  • noteatino


    • OrangutanKungfu

      That has always been my fear from the moment I saw this was coming to iOS. I have no issues with the price, but I'm not going to bite till I get some trusted feedback on the virtual controls.

    • rhinofinger

      I bought it and have been playing for a while - the controls are totally fine. Game runs smooth as butter.

  • MasonHurst

    Yeah considering most two stick shooters are two bucks it is expensive - comparatively speaking. Even if it is marginally better than all the others... Is it $13 better.? Don't blame me for being cheap... I didn't cause app store "race to the bottom" . Just too many games overall.

    • borb86

      Honestly it's a 10/10 game on any platform. Don't really blame them for charging the same as steam when you consider with a controller it's virtually the same game (minus expansion).

    • elthesensai

      That's the problem right there. Real games will never come to tablets/smartphones because of the glut of garbage in the App Store. It's like Atari all over again. And we know how that ended up. To answer your question, yes it's $13 better than all of the twin sticks on iOS/Android.

      • Qaioud

        After a couple hours play, imo it's not as exciting / deep as Leap of Fate, nor as "one more game" as Neon Chrome. And it doesn't clearly strike me as multiple times "better" than Feral Fury either (though I now see where the FF homage comes from!)

        It's fine. It's been long awaited. Maybe my doors are about to be blown open. But, yeah. Putting it on the world's highest pedestal doesn't strike me as any too sensible, either.

        Spend £11 if you want to. Don't if you don't. ENnit.

  • gleeclub

    15$ kinda steep

    • Pomcomic

      considering the stupid amount of content in that game, 15 bucks is actually a steal.

  • Cigarekt

    The start of 2017 would be lackluster without this. 2016 had Crashlands, duh. ^_^

  • Sanderok

    Buy it and play. Awesome game

  • MintCity

    Yikes. At 15 bucks, I would rather get it on something else without touch screen controls. As long as the controls are decent and it provides a complete experience, I might go in on it though. I wasn't expecting to be so high in price.

    • Timmy2x

      I'd have to agree with you on the price, again I feel like they are pulling a "MARIO" and reaching for the stars in pricing this. $9.99 seems more legit for a mobile version with > $9.99 to go towards the console versions, I do have $12.84 left on a iTunes card so I'll bite on this.

    • Earthjolly

      Well I'm hearing from many that the touch controls are good, plus game has MFI support so no excuse.

    • Ethan Moss

      It has the exact same content as the computer version which is 15 bucks so why were you expecting less. Mobile doesn't make it a worse game. It is meant to be played with a controller if you really hate touch controls. But this

  • bossjaja

    Goodbye social life, goodbye free time, goodbye work, goodbye other iOS games

  • bluechipps

    10.0 or later D:

    • misfitskater6

      So lame... Not worth losing jailbreak over, but I will buy as soon as there's a stable 10.x jb

  • Gray Games

    Need to c the controls

    • Dr.SamLoomis

      Total instabuy, didn't even think about t and to be honest, the controls are pretty smooth compared to some other twin stick shooters. It's good, real good.

  • elthesensai

    How is this not on Apple TV?!? I mean Apple should do something to make sure these titles are ported over. I mean Sony does a better job getting games into their dead console. (Vita)

    • Sterling Archer

      Dev has confirmed on the forum thread that it's coming for sure.

      • elthesensai

        Just heard. Very excited about this!

    • Ethan Moss

      It takes a while to port games. Apple doesn't handle it. All they do in the process is allow the dev make the port and make it.

  • bigrand1

    Never played this on any platform, but watching the video, I don't see how it's worth so much money compared to anything else around here! Big deal, the almost naked images and cuss words... wow.... The game itself certainly doesn't look special in any way to me.....😴
    If it's any good at all, I'll wait til it goes on the cheap and then get it. Maybe

    • Joe Burkett

      Rand1 you are old skool around here , I will tell you, MetalCasket will tell you get this game it costs the same on consoles and pc cause well this is the full game and amount of game play you are getting is just astronomical. this game wont go on sale anytime soon it is worth the price of admission. this game is the most addictive thing to ever happen, i play it daily on ps4 also its just so damn good. not many if any rogue likes on ios or mobile have as much content that this game offers. nothing touches it. Feral fury is excellent mobile Issac like but it does not have as much content this has hence the lower price point.

      • bigrand1

        Thanks Joe for your opinion! I definitely am old skool, as I AM an old fart! But I was just fishing for opinions of the game itself. I don't have any problems paying whatever for any game. To me, it's all about whether it's any good and how good it is! (Whether it's my kinda thing or not! ) If something comes along and tickles my fancy, so to speak, I'm good with it, period, and I am not the kind of guy who usually waits for a markdown around here. Point is, as not having played this before, from what I saw, it just doesn't seem to be that special. Now, I realize lots of clips dont necessarily show the gist of a game itself, and maybe this is one of those, and maybe they don't do it justice. That's why I said what I said, was to get some real input as to see how others feel about it. Then I make my decision whether I want it or not.That simple. 😉

      • God's Grundle

        Have you considered typing "Binding of Issac review" into Google instead of waiting for someone to respond here?

      • bigrand1

        No. Im not in any rush to find out about it actually, and I do it here not only because for me it's convenient, but I trust other TA'ers here more than random schmoz on the internet in general!

  • dr. radicals

    I have sank many hours into the original and rebirth on steam. I also played some afterbirth and anti birth. Rebirth, this expansion, is my most played. This game has deep gameplay with a very devoted community. Every run is unique and rewarding. This is essentially a very well polished dual stick shooter with rouge-like elements and is brutally difficult. I hate dual stick shooters but love this game. The game has always had floaty controls, and this version is no different. It adds to the difficulty. You do get used to it fairly fast. Also, to stop tears, just tap the right side. It's the same I've always known and loved.

    Tl;dr. Buy this.

    PS I lurk a lot but almost never post. I've been on TA since 2009 or 10 under a different name. I only log in for exceptional games. This is one of them.

  • Dustin Brooks

    Honestly it's just so horrible when people complain, or get all disappointed about paying premium money for a premium game, the reason your paying that premium price is because your getting a full premium game with no ads, and no BS. I wish there were more premium games on the App Store like a lot of other steam indie titles that never are seen on the App Store but we can hope it's the start of 2017 so maybe we will see more great premium games/ premieres indie titles that are great get ported over our way. But until than what's with the complaining and the whining you know? It's not like we are being charged a dollar more or a dollar less, so really?! It's a PREMIUM game, not FREEMIUM. Let's see some thumbs up.

    • Timmy2x

      I get it I do, but the truth of the matter is and in a lot of people's minds mobile gaming is supposed to be's just the way it is.

      • Lickzy

        Fair... but it's A "new release" to iOS. WHats a new release worth on a console?

        I got NHL 2017 on sale at it was 50 bucks, triple the price of this and arguably less easy hours of entertainment.

        Even if this game was $39.99 it's still cheaper than new console games.

    • Sterling Archer

      It's frustrating for sure. We get constant cries for "better games!!!"

      Then we get one with a higher price tag and everyone loses their mind.

      Trust me as a Canadian, it hurts, but having played it a bit on my Wii U, it's a challenging game that most certainly deserves your time if it's your thing.

      This isn't just a dual stick shooter, it's like Crypt of the NecroDancer, but with some insane themes and bosses.

    • Dr.SamLoomis

      Totally agree, great game worth every penny, especially if you're like me and avoid FTP and freemium games. I downloaded the second I saw this, it's a good port and excited about the potential expansions down the road. Like I said, worth every penny.

    • Nightxx

      Don't burst a blood vessel kid, this isn't pc where you get to keep the game indefinitely and play it for the rest of your life... This is a game on iOS that wont be existing in the next years when devs stop supporting or apple decide to pull the plugs...

  • etienne

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the price. Some are being completely unreasonable about it being $13 overpriced and all. While some are nagging that it's $14 period (Somehow I believe this group wouldn't be satisfied at any price.) I bought Neon Chrome when it came out for $5 on sale for half price. I hadn't even known that it was on sale, but I didn't hesitate. It's a full game that does exactly what the pc and console counterparts and you can play it anywhere! Think about that for a second. Don't you think that alone is worth the asking price? It's either pay for real games, or watch developers give up on mobile games. Hell not even consider mobile.

    • Timmy2x

      They could've at least did a one week early limited $9.99 sale then popped it back up to full price, I do agree this is a premium release and should be priced accordingly but chop $5 and they would surely get a lot more sales.

      • etienne

        I also agree with you on that sale thing. I have the strangest feeling that it will go on sale not long after buying it. Usually when that happens though, if it's good, I can forgive it. But at release, early adopters would preach about it to no end and at $9.99, I think there wouldn't be as many people on the fence.

  • Dustin Brooks

    Mobile gaming shouldn't be cheaper like that's a horrible way to think about iOS gaming, like I have an iphone 7 and iPad Pro, and I know with GPU power on these later iOS devices it can handle a lot more modern titles that may or may never make it to iOS, then developer start looking at us gamers on iOS as cheapie and not wanting to spend a dollar more because were "Mobile gamers". Like that should not be the case you know, I personally believe that you get what you pay for in life, and if you cheap out then you're just going to get a cheap no good product unless there is some sort of sells going on or something. But the main point is Mobile is gonna be more capable than ever from here on out, and we should be more than happy to see some great ports of modern games, indie or AAA doesn't matter. If more people thought the way I do I believe there would be possible more premium games on the App Store.

    • Timmy2x

      Hey man buy your game and enjoy no need for the uproar I'm just telling it how I see it and from the majority of the comments I'm not alone.

      • Dustin Brooks

        Timmy2x: I hear your side of your argument and everyone's opinion is valid in my eyes, but I'm putting down the truth if developers noticed that we as iOS gamers are cheap and don't want to spend a little more money for a little more premium then they will ignore us or completely bypassed us. I personally don't make that much money but I can afford this game in my pockets won't be hurting that much, And also if developer start seeing that we are willing to pay a premium money for premium games more developers my hop in and start developing for iOS with no complaints about not making any money.

      • Devoid21

        We get what we pay for. There's a reason why iOS is full of free games.

  • CannonGoBoom

    Looks like I'll be waiting for a sale for this one. $22.99 in Australia. Don't mind paying for premium games but it's a bit much if you don't know how much you're going to play it.

  • Dustin Brooks

    Game developers are just going to avoid iOS altogether if the see that we don't want to pay the premium price for premium title. PERIOD. So think about it pay a little more for a premium game upfront and get all content premium just as if it was a console title. Game developers are out to make money and if they see that The iOS platform is full of people that are cheap and don't want to pay the premium price for a premium game, then they might all together just avoid bringing games to the iOS platform and I mean actual premium titles and ports. Think on that for awhile, even if you're just a casual gamer think on that. It's time us IOS gamers are recognized and not ignored when it comes to seeing more great games coming to our platform.

  • Airpegy

    The controls are fine for me , awesome game 9/10

  • MewLover34

    What exactly is the logic that mobile games should, by definition, be cheap? An iPad costs more than a console. This is a premium piece of technology, not some cheap bullshit.

    • dancj

      There's no "should". Companies can charge what they want — but the market drives the price. Much as people like to deny it, there are loads of premium games on iOS for $5, often dropping down to $1 or 0. That's what this game has to compete with. To me the game looks mildly interesting, but when I've got about 100 games on my devices that I haven't even tried yet, no $15 game is ever going to rise to the top.

      I'm not complaining though. I'll just sit back and play the games I've already got.

      • lezrock


  • Airpegy

    I remember paying 100$ for a game on console Super Nintendo when I was young
    Just remember there's no instant purchase in it and it's a pretty damn complete game even for 20.99 ...
    Some adjustment will be done with few updates I love it

    • CraigAlot

      super nintendo games were never 100 bucks. I suppose it could be with a very poor exchange rate somewhere...

      • Shaun James Musgrave

        The $20.99 he states at the price of BoI should be the tip-off. That's the Canadian price. Many SNES games were $100 or more in Canada. I paid $132 for Chrono Trigger, for example. The other major countries that use the dollar as their currency's name (Aus, NZ) would also have had $100+ SNES games. So in most regions that used dollars, SNES games were indeed in that price range. There was only one where they weren't, but that one tends to think of itself as the Only One on most days of the week, so I forgive you. 😉

      • Joe Burkett

        um yes they were, in the USA babbages/software etc Donkey kong country was 79.99.... Final Fantasy III was 100 bucks, Phantasy Star IV was 100 on Genesis. some games were more than others for sure... usually the games with more memory on the cartridges went for more...

  • Dustin Brooks

    I will say one more honest to god statement/fact, you get what you pay for in the gaming industry just like anything else. I'm happy there are charging us the same price as all the other platforms binding of Isaac rebirth is on, it just goes to show that at least these developers put us on the same pedestal as console gaming and PC gaming when it comes to this Title and that makes me feel good as an iOS gamer.

    • Stetch

      Totally agree! More premium games to the people!

  • Stetch

    Without a doubt an instabuy. Been waiting for a mobile version since I first saw it on PC. Premium games FTW!

  • Xanthon

    I dropped $15 three times on Isaac. I dropped $15 when it was still a flash based game. I don't see a problem dropping another $15 for the mobile. BUT I'll be waiting for reviews first as I don't own a MFi controller and controls are critical in this game.

    • Dankrio

      Controls work great!

    • Joe Burkett

      best touch controls you will ever have. the auto fire of the last direction you fired is a brilliant option.

  • Razgriz010

    Ended up purchasing the game. The touch controls are on point! Very fun experience; would play all night if it wasn't for work.

    • Stetch

      Damn work ... ruin all the fun

  • Montanx HS

    I keep watching gameplay vids of this and it just doesn't impress me. Looks like an average twin sticker. I keep hearing so much hype but it's just not doing it for me. I feel left out.

    • walmartpolice

      Too bad.

    • Shkrbby

      That's a shame.

    • Joe Burkett

      give the game a chance, this is what most rogue likes are built off of, every play through is different, every power may hinder or help you , alot of legend of zelda similarities for instance bombs destroy walls to find hidden rooms. maybe there is a item you cant get cause you cant fly? or do you use the key on this locked room with a power or do i use it to unlock a shop? there is so much to this game it is crazy easily 500 hours + this game hooks you. Watching someone play who is not good is also not very fun, no offense to carter he was a noob at it. when you know what powers stack with what the game can get insane...

  • Francesco Graziani

    Does it support cloud save? (i play on ipad, continue on iPhone)
    Tyrone doesn't answer me on twitter ç_ç

    • Francesco Graziani

      ok bought it and tried, there is a download and upload feature

  • Shkrbby

    The people complaining about the price should stick to their Flappy Golf or something. This a premium game, of premium quality, so expect and support the devs charging a premium price. They didn't have to bother porting this excellent game, but they have, so cough up your pocket money.

  • Michael Rabattino

    It was an insta-buy until I saw the price...sheesh. This isn't Final Fantasy....why the high price point?

    • Stetch

      Premium game. The kind of games we want. Good entertainment cost 😀

      • MaverickX12

        I understand that, but there are plenty of other great games that don't cost 14.99. Crashlands, for starters...

      • Stetch

        Yup. But they are not Binding of Isaac 😀

  • Hopelin

    I've watched almost every binding of isaac videos and i just got the game on my iPhone.

  • Amalgam

    I'll wait until ios version got afterbirth and plus

    Already have rebirth in n3ds and afterbirth plus in pc, so rebirth only a big no

  • ivan02052

    Oh well, 3DS version is cheaper😄

  • spizak

    Does it support mfi?

  • Feathers

    Not a fan of Isaac, so I won't be buying, but this is an entirely fair price for it. It's a highly replayable game that will last you a long time.

    Software shouldn't be arbitrarily cheaper just because it's on mobile.

  • Milotorou

    I would be buying but the requirement for iOS 10 makes it a lost sale for me.

    Why were they making a beta test for ios 8 and 9 if they were to release it like this ?

    My hype just died.

    • OrangutanKungfu

      Don't give up! Hopefully they'll backdate the iOS requirement in due course. I'm in the same boat. Fortunately, there are plenty of other twin-stick shooters to tide me over till then.

      • Milotorou

        Yeah, while I do love BoI, I must admit Leap of Fate and Wayward Souls are pretty darn good alternatives to me 😊

  • JamGela

    $15 is a bit much for a game that doesnt look great from the trailer. I would need a trial level or 5mins of game time before paying that much. Even for the PS4 i rented FF XV from the redbox before paying the $60. I will have to watch some gameplay of this i guess, to see what all the excitement is about. :/

    • Shkrbby

      This is a quality product. You are missing out on a premium game.

    • Xanthon

      Trial wouldn't do it justice since Isaac is about replayability. The amount of things to discover is why it has such a massive fanbase.

      I've sank 1000 hours on PC. Loving it.

  • Just4today77

    I will buy this for the 3rd time easily. So much replay value and generally just an amazing game. Any word on how the controls work.

    • Shkrbby

      Controls seems pretty sweet to me. Kind of unique in that directional shoot is automatic but can be disengaged. Very smooth. Game can be played in portrait or landscape.

  • Just4today77

    After playing for a few I can verify the touch controls are spot on. Don't get me wrong they're touch controls but as far as that goes, I feel they're the best they could be. Also the game runs extremely smooth

  • Repulsa

    Annnd I am broke until Saturday lol

  • Donkeygrave

    Bitching about a $15 iOS title? This is why we can't have nice things.

    • dancj

      We can and do have nice things.

  • Zeillusion

    An amazing port. 10/10 and controls are perfect. Love the auto shoot. Not as accurate as controller or keyboard of course but beautiful none the less. It's the price of a movie ticket, or two coffees, quit complaining. Hundreds of hours of content. Love it!

  • spizak

    Is the org game also so floaty? Coming from neon chrome i feel like the character has serious float/lag to them. Or is that only ios version?

  • Clymore102

    Not my cup of tea but it's a good game. I'm sure most of the gamers will enjoy it.

  • NickyNichols

    Don't worry guys, it's 2017, it should be .99 in a month. That's the sad state of gaming today.

  • Dema9o9ue

    I honestly don't mind paying full price for games. I bought Steamworld Heist day one. But it seems every premium game goes on sale in less than 30 days from release including Steamworld. I'm tired of feeling burned by supporting devs on day one. Pick a price and stick with it at least for a year. Stop burning fans 30 days or less after you release. Adding it to my watch list and I'll buy when it inevitably drops to 6.99 next month.

    • David Cupples

      Just to add another thought. I love it when devs offer the sale price for the first week adopters and they are honest about it. Steamworld did this too. 6.99 for first week then it went up to 9.99 afterwards. However, check their price history out now. It went from 6.99 to 9.99 half a dozen times. It's like following the stock market go up and down. I think games are worth a premium price tag and I think it's fine that devs set what they think their game is worth. I just wish there was more consistency.

  • MintCity

    I respect the game and it's fan base. I see why this game is worth the "high" price to them. I love the game as well and own in on Steam. However, I can't bring myself to buy it for $15 when I could get it on another platform with (you have to admit) better controls for the same exact price. I think it could have had even more success with a $10 dollar price tag. That's just my opinion!:) It looks like a high quality premium game and we should support it in some way, whether it be by word of mouth or purchasing it.

  • God's Grundle

    These comments are fucking embarrassing. When mobile is a wasteland of nothing but free to play trash, we'll at least have this thread to point at as to why developers gave up on releasing premium games on the App Store. A game that's universally critically acclaimed, loved on every platform, and with a massive fan base gets released on the App Store for the same price it's available on every other platform and all you people do is whine you're not getting it at a discount because you deserve it. Go fuck yourselves.

    They should have released it for $20, as anyone willing to pay $15 for this amazing game would've paid $20. On the other hand, all the whiners saying the game should have been $10 wouldn't have paid $10, they would have been dropping the same turds here saying it should have been $5 instead and so on.

    I cringed when I saw the price point of this game, not because I didn't think it was worth it, but because I knew this would be the reaction to it.

    • Shkrbby

      I wholeheartedly concur with your sentiments. I would have happily paid down $20. And that's with myself already owning the Steam, Vita, and PS4 versions. iOS version is the cherry on top as I now have Isaac everywhere I go. I hope that the devs NEVER lower the price. This is a 5 star premium product, so if anything they should consider putting the price UP.

      • spizak

        Ok. Is this game as floaty in controls on steam or just ios? The controls are awful, even with mfi that fixes only a bit.

  • isitstill

    I have a NES30 Pro controller, and it doesn't seem to work with BoI. Is it incompatible, or am I just doing something wrong?

    • Timmy2x

      I believe the developers said it works with "popular" controllers.

      • isitstill


  • CyberData4

    If you can afford a 500$-1000$ iPhone and a 70$-200$ a month phone bill you can afford 15$ on a game.

    99c "gamers" make me sick. Now if the game sucks then of course dont support it. 15 bucks for a solid port of a great game is more than fair.

    They're not running a charity.

    • God's Grundle

      Agreed, it's pathetic. Mobile gamers deserve the shitty market they've created for themselves.

  • Alexythimia23

    Guess im late to the party, 99 comments already! Damn!
    Pisses me off seeing whiny bitches moaning at the price tag, you just cant win with them? Most of them are clueless and ignorant and dont have any idea as to what goes into doing this for us. Just pathetic, its like they actually think bitching about the price will make it suddenly go down in price?!

  • brianj22

    I support premium games all the time but is $14.99 the new standard. No, I don't want to pay that much for this, but the title doesn't really interest me anyways, so I'm not complaining about the price. I just don't want to be told I don't support premium games because I don't want to pay $15 for a mobile game.

    • God's Grundle

      "I'm not complaining about the price."

      "I don't want to pay that much for this."


  • Deckard74

    Bought this instantly even though I already have this on Steam, first double dip I've ever done if memory serves me correctly. The price tag is totally justified, this game has a gargantuan amount of content and the touch controls are so on point. I'd even go as far to say as this is better than the Steam version as I can exact Isaac's revenge on the toilet now which is quite apt really. Buy this if you want IOS to receive more quality premium ports or be forever known as "that guy"!

  • shaneorourke

    For those worried that the price is too high, the dev might have promised that this will never be less than $14.99, however this price is sure to drop at some point. The lowest price on steam has been $7.50 (50% off). This may not happen for a long time, but it will happen. Pay, wait or don't get it, those are your options

    • God's Grundle

      Hmm, wait eternity to play an incredible game and save $7.50 or support premium iOS gaming. Tough decision.

  • toxigen77

    i usually don't write in comments section but i think this game is worth writing about.

    i think everybody who is whining about the price tag should know that you are the reason why all the Freemium Games are so successfull. More and more Games with a shitty Paywall (sooner or later it will come) flood the appstore.

    So please save the bucks that you pay for in app purchases in other shitty freemium games and buy games that have all the functionality and features integrated and well do cost more.

    show the game companys that we the players want this kind of games and not another freemium game!!

    • dancj

      No. People who spend money in freemium games are the reason freemium games exist.