iconJust this past Friday we brought you the news that the cult Flash RPG series Sonny would be making its way to iOS soon, and showed you a few new screens and linked to a preview on the Armor Games website that went more in-depth to the battle mechanics in the game. Also, based on some of the information available at that time, it sounded like this new version of Sonny would be including everything from the first two games as well as some additional storyline content and a conclusion to the series. However, that's not quite the case! The version of Sonny that's coming to iOS is actually a totally new version, and it's also NOT Sonny 3. For full clarification, here's the official statement, followed by a brand new trailer for Sonny:

Sonny remixes and evolves upon its Flash-based predecessors, first released in 2007, with a new storyline, expanded gameplay features, enhanced visuals and more, making it ideal for both long-time fans and newcomers alike. Players will discover a unique adventure with familiar faces showing up in different ways, a new story arc and ending with divergent plot twists, and original enemies and locations. The game also features detailed 2D characters and environments, graphic novel-style artwork by Jet Kimchrea and an engrossing original score by David Orr.

While this might be disappointing to fans of the existing games who were looking to play through them again, it sounds like there will still be plenty to chew on in this new Sonny with the appearance of familiar characters and places as well as other nods to the previous games. Also, a brand new game, in my opinion, is typically more exciting than a remake of existing games. Now, the best news of all? Sonny is coming VERY soon, and by that I mean this week on Thursday, January 12th. No official word on price just yet though I've got a question out about that and I'll update this post if I find anything out, but either way we won't have long to wait as Sonny will be arriving in just a couple of days.

UPDATE: In a new post on the Armor Games website, they list the price for Sonny at $2.99.

  • David Lahusen

    well, yes. Want to buy right now.

  • shaneorourke

    Any idea on what the price will be?

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson


      • shaneorourke

        Awesome, thanks

  • dbagga84

    What kind of game is it when you're not battling? Since the battles looks incredibly stiff I'm assuming it's not one of those exploration/overworld kind of RPGs .

    • PerfectPower

      I'm guessing it will be like Sonny and Sonny 2 (which are on PC) where there will be a map with stages (story mode) and alongside the map there will be "Training" which would help you get XP and Gold so you can get stronger to complete the next level. But to see exactly what I'm talking about go check out Sonny and/or Sonny 2.

  • Enker

    This looks amazing - I want this immediately!!

  • Justin Ramos

    Awwww yeah!

    • TheJettyJetShow

      Awwwww daaaanggg!

  • Far_Out

    I'm IN

  • Zubairul Islam

    Did they leave out the battle animations?

    • PerfectPower

      Yeah, they also left out how the armor they are wearing shows. I read somewhere about how the developers wanted every character to have a different model and not just a base humanoid model. I am slightly disappointed by it but hey, you get what you get.

      • Milotorou

        Im disappointed too, especially about the animations, but i dont think thats gonna make me enjoy the game less.

        Especially with a third "story" included.

  • profhuggybear

    Why is this a thing? Cult classic?! Stick figures on sticks with lame flame animations. Someone explain to me why I should spare my valuable time with this.

    • MintCity

      ...but you spared your valuable time complaining about a game before you even experienced it. If you want an idea of the game, try it for free online. Easy as that. Lol.

    • Sarusig Musicman

      Because it was, in its time, one of the goddamn best turn-based rpg free flash games ever made - with a heavy focus on strategy. In the dark times of mid-00s browser flash games, it was a gem.

    • Danny_Mushe

      This game was and is still simply... the tits. If you haven't played this beautiful AF game, then please don't judge it until you do. This game represented flash games back in the day. If you played flash games then you more than likely knew about sonny. It's a staple and always will be.