We're huge fans of Mediocre's PinOut! [Free] (check out our review) but the game was just a hair too complicated for a number of people I recommended it to. Particularly as you get deeper into the game, some of the shots you need to make to progress require a true Pinball Wizard. If that got frustrating for you, but you generally like the idea of an endless pinball-er, Ascending Pinball [Free] might be just what the doctor ordered.

As you ascend higher and higher in endless pinball land, you'll come across a few different obstacles, targets to hit, score multiplers, and a bunch more. Instead of figuring out which path is going to give you the most time bonus, often requiring razor-sharp precision, you just bounce your ball from one set of flippers to the next. Hell, I think they're both worth playing, as it's really up to you as to whether you end up preferring the visual style and difficulty of PinOut! or the comparative simplicity of Ascending Pinball.

  • stormchild

    PinOut is not that hard, and has amazing graphics and music that make it worth the effort to get to the end. This, on the other hand, looks completely boring.

    • Craig Grannell

      I love pinball, but am hardly a wizard – to the point I had to ask the Atomic Pinball lot about the cut-off point on Android, given that I'd apparently not hit it. PinOut! is more about learning a route than anything, and I after a reasonable number of goes managed to get to the end and about halfway through the subsequent bonus-free go. (The devs reckon the very best players can probably wrap around that bit twice.)

      But, yeah, this game looks comparatively dull. No ramps. No speed. It's a Doodle Jump take on pinball, but I'd sooner play Doodle Jump.

  • colem

    Just played both games for the first time and PinOut was way more fun, and honestly less difficult. I lasted quite a while on my first run of PinOut and had lot of fun with the games concept and visuals. Meanwhile with Ascending Pinball I quickly lost multiple runs, as well as my interest. I quickly deleted the game. But I'll probably keep PinOut for a while.