Alongside our Patreon, the TouchArcade forums are one of the key factors that keep the website as the pivotal place for news on all things iOS gaming. Whether it's in the form of informative discussions on the hottest new releases, excited anticipation on some seriously impressive titles in the upcoming games forums, or fantastic compilations of everyone's favourite games, the community we have in our forums continues to surprise me with their dedication and passion for mobile gaming - let alone being a bunch of awesome people to boot. Last month, AndyC83 (with the help of many other enterprising forum members) organised a public vote for the TouchArcade Forums 2016 Game of the Year, and after much deliberation and discussion Crashlands [$6.99] came out on top with a supremely dominant 48.28% of the votes. Teeny Titans [$3.99] trailed in the respectable runner up position with 19.54%, and SteamWorld Heist [$9.99] and Planar Conquest [$8.99] tied in third place with 18.39% of the vote each.

As our Top 100 releases of the past twelve months showed, 2016 was an excellent year for mobile gaming, but it's a testament to the quality and ingenuity of Crashlands that it managed to win over our forum members so emphatically as well as achieve the official TouchArcade Game of the Year accolade. The battle for second place was far more contested, with Teeny Titans only sneaking ahead by one vote, and the gap between the runner up and the last placed game only a mere six votes. Nonetheless, congratulations to all the developers who were represented on the final vote for the forums's Game of the Year - anyone wanting a more in-depth look at how the winner was decided should take a look at the forum thread for more details on the intricate voting procedure. Finally, a massive thank you to AndyC83, Jerutix, Red1, and everyone else who was involved in either organising or voting in the competition - we all greatly appreciate your hard work in helping instigate such fascinating discussions amongst our community. If you enjoyed taking part in the TouchArcade Forums Game of the Year, be sure to keep an eye on the General Game Discussion forum for a rumored new Game of the Week feature in the near future.

  • NaeemTHM

    Thank you TouchArcade for beating us over the head with praise for Crashlands. I've been playing non-stop since downloading it a few weeks ago. I love it so much I went ahead and purchased BS' other game, Towelfight 2 just to show the dev some more love.

  • lezrock

    Would have been nice to get notified about that forum poll upfront? Maybe next time ta? πŸ™

    • Eli Hodapp

      The whole idea was it was for forum members. If you missed a stickied thread that was up for a month, it kinda wasn't for you.

      • Luigi_Mario

        With only 87 total votes, it kinda wasn't for almost everyone, including forum members.

      • Eli Hodapp

        I don't know I'd say we have around 100 core super active forum members and tons of lurkers. I'm not seeing anyone on the list of people who voted who aren't forum mainstays. Either way, I can't imagine a situation where Crashlands didn't win, regardless of whether there's 87 votes or 870 votes.

      • Luigi_Mario

        Agreed, it would have likely won no matter what.

      • Shkrbby

        It's a good game but Imbroglio who have my vote for GOTY.

      • Lickzy


      • MonkeyGaGa

        The thread has been viewed by over 43,000 people, so it was kinda for a few people.

  • Markedcards

    Well deserved in my opinion.


    Damn it I never got into this game. This makes me wish I had given it more time. I just kept getting lost and never had any idea where to go.

    Maybe I'll download it again and give it another chance.

  • khann

    Planar conquest tied for third but I don't think it was in your top 100.