Hey, remember when Gameloft's game release roadmap leaked on April Fool's Day and no one was sure if it was real? Well, the Grand Theft Auto-like we mentioned set in New Orleans seems to have missed its release window from the original leaks, but it actually exists nonetheless. As pointed out by eagle-eyed forum member Hen14, Gangstar New Orleans just soft launched in the Philippines and apparently is the "gold standard for open-world action-adventure." Turf wars seem to be the game's online social mechanic, and I'm hoping it's some kind of real multiplayer mode instead of just some weird social battle mechanic as a mobile GTA-like with some killer multiplayer would be really cool.


You can follow along in our forums as first impressions roll in, or follow our guide on how to download a soft launched game. I'm going to try to figure out what the password to my Philippines iTunes account is and go wild. As far as how long this soft launch is going to last, it's really hard to say. Gameloft has had both really long and really short soft launches. It's possible this is just to test their servers, at which point it should rollout worldwide pretty quickly. If they're still actively tweaking and tuning the game, it'll be a bit longer.

  • 김지 킫밸

    Its alright. Its kinda bland looking but its soft launched. Maybe they'll soft launch modern combat verses

  • Rain1dog

    My home city!

  • italodance

    DAMN IT FREEMIUM i will get it but i won't spend any money for its crazy iAPs. Does it require internet connection?

    • Sangeet Shukla

      YES.It is mentioned in the description.(I will gonna ignore this game)

  • Krugrrr

    Not compatible with my device. *cries*

    • Mrbestapps

      Ipad 4 right?

    • steven lantosh


  • Shkrbby

    Not cool.

  • Raphael Alexander

    If the map isn't bigger than vegas then it's not worth it for me, it's cool at first but gets boring because it's a small map without much to do besides missions.

  • Jhayon

    So it's stop working it's say they won't release the softlaunch the game it will be somewhere else or we have to wait for the worldwide release date

    • boydstr

      So they stop soft launching the game??

  • Ayman Patel

    when it release