We had a rough idea when Nintendo would be talking about the Nintendo Switch, but the specifc time of a consumer-facing presentation is now known to us. A Treehouse Live talking about the upcoming portable-console hybrid will be happening on January 13th, at 9:30 AM EST. You'll be able to watch the presentation on both their YouTube and Twitch channels. This time is 11:30 PM in Japan, so it appears to be separate from the Switch media and analyst event happening in Tokyo on the 13th (but will be the 12th in the US).


We have details on the Switch that have been revealed through various leaks, but what will be interesting to see is what Nintendo has for the launch, and just what kind of software there will be for the launch. Will Nintend have more mobile, short-form style games to go along with major titles? And will Zelda be a launch game? We'll see on the 13th...

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    Its interesting my Liberal friends are mad because when I fold it in half im still 6 inches longer than they are.....just saying...oh thought this was the WII board or Wee board...oops!.....Waaa!!

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  • Hans Olo

    PS4= Blu Ray
    Xbox One Blue Ray
    Nintendo Switch = VHS Player

    PS3 = CD
    Xbox 360 CD
    Nintendo Wii U Cassette player

    PS2 = Cassette player
    Xbox= Casette Player
    Gamecube = 8 Track Player LOL

    Nintendo Always Behind the times, a day late and a buck short!

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      So does that make the Saturn Minidisk and the 3DO vinyl then?! And is that 38 or 44 rpm? 😜

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        LOL Nice one!