This War of Mine [$14.99] is a bleak game that offers players an unflinching simulation of war's effect on civilian populations, and its DLC The Little Ones - which lets you experience war through the eyes of a child - definitely didn't make the game any lighter. The DLC is now 30% off, so here's your chance to experience a very different aspect of war for cheap. The Little Ones is more than just different characters for you to play as; it's also all about how children in war-torn cities are still children, and children still want to play with toys, make friends, and enjoy life despite the troubles around them.

I don't know if you're up for The Little Ones - I have friends with kids who just couldn't bring themselves to play it - but it's definitely worth playing. The full game is also at its lowest price ever, so if you wanted to play the game but the price was keeping you back, here's your chance.

  • speedyph

    Wow just wow talk about a great game

  • Kefo

    Kinda offtooic(off device?) but the little ones is currently free for PSplus subscribers this month

    • Shkrbby

      Kind of on topic. All profits for all sales go to War Child charity. Cough up and support the devs and a great cause instead of being a freeloader.

      • John Doe

        And why don't you go F*ck yourself?

        It's free on PSN why would people not download it for free

      • Tallgeese

        Hugs not drugs, please...

      • Shkrbby

        Why? Because by purchasing it they'd be supporting a greatly needed charity that helps children who've suffered the atrocious consequences of war. Why? Because by purchasing it they'd be supporting a great small independent group of devs who've developed a unique award winning game. Why? Because by purchasing it they'd be owning a great, unique award winning game.

        Thought that was pretty obvious really.